You can enjoy our first class support by obtaining a support contract. With a valid support contract you are entitled to:

  1. All updates of our software.
  2. All new versions of our software.
  3. Unlimited Telephone / Skype / Zoom / Teams support during business hours (24/24 support available upon request).
  4. Remote support via Remote Desktop Software like Anydesk or RealVNC.

Obtaining updates without a support contract

If you don’t have a have support contract our support will not be available. It is also not possible to obtain updates of our software without a support contract. In case you want to update and you don’t have a support contract you need to buy the software update for the full list price.

Renewing support contracts

If you don’t have a support contract you can renew it at any time. However, before renewing a support contract, you must upgrade to the latest version of our software.

Getting support

If you have a question, an issue to report or a wish for a new feature you can use our service desk.

Other ways to contact us:

Remote Desktop

Sometimes it is helpfull to connect the computer on which our sofwtare is installed. This can be easily accomplish with Remote desktop software.

If you want us to connect to your PC, you need to have installed either Anydesk or RealVNC. We do not support other brands of remote desktop software.

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