Software for TV

Software for TV

Software that enables you to manage your TV channels efficiently.

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Software for TV channels

Scheduling and EPG software to manage your channels efficiently

OnAir TV

Media Asset Management, playlist scheduler and EPG generator.

Based on formats, blocks and rules, your playlists are generated with a push on the button. EPG’s for various providers are generated at the same time. Any gaps will be filled automatically. Tasks and triggers will further automatie your workflows.

Replace your Excel sheets with OnAir TV and say goodbye to the tedious tasks of dragging your assets into playlists.

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OnAir Spots

Our flexible software for the scheduling of commercials for all kind of TV channels.

OnAir Spots contains all features that you need to manage your commercial scheduling operation.

Schedule campaigns with rules like number of commercials per day, start and end date, product separation, branche separation, maximum number of spots per block and per hour, position in block and many more.

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