Release notes OnAir TV

Version 9.0.0 – may 9, 2023

Issue IDService desk IDDescriptionRelease notes comments
OATV-1785Planner > import commercials: give better feedback after importing PKE commercialsBetter feedback now
OATV-1092Library > Editor” add ‘detect cue points’ for video itemsAdded
OATV-2207Planner: ‘Import commercials’ command will show estimated duration after importing commercials instead of real duration.Solved
OATV-2208Planner: imported commercials are indicated as “scheduled manual”Solved
OATV-290Library > editor: make it possible to edit casting / actors from the item editor screenPossible now
OATV-2175Change Label ’18+’ to ‘Adult’Changed
OATV-506Add ‘Producer’ to the editor and the libraryProducer added
OATV-1270Planner: insert a new column which contains symbols about the status of itemsSymbols added in new column
OATV-2324It should be possible to delete all tagged items with a ‘Delete all’ button.Button added
OATV-2226Add a new EPG format: TV1TV1 EPG format added
OATV-2347Make an importer for BTS filesImporter added
OATV-2135Add a pop-up for blocks in the Long Term Planning.Pop-up added
OATV-2219It should be possible to give blocks a custom color, visble in the tree and the calendar.Custom color added
OATV-2305CSD-1822Newly added grid values cannot be used in the editorSolved
OATV-842Add a new field ‘Campaign’ to items.Campaign added
OATV-2252CSD-1794TV library: duplicate items does not workWorks (again)
OATV-2317Library: It should be possible to select and delete multiple (sub)categoriesPossible now
OATV-2322Library > Series > Insert screen: it should be possible to drag and drop multiple items at once into a season.Possible now
OATV-2325Sorting dates in backup does not work correctWorks well now
OATV-2326System > backup: increase the overview when the screen is increased, now only the empty space will get biggerSolved
OATV-2264System > colors: colors are at the wrong positionSolved
OATV-2361Planner > calendar view: cannot read first lettersSolved
OATV-2365When adding a new (sub) category, the cursor should be in the ‘Name’ field.Done
OATV-2367Library> Series > Season: hide the button ‘save and create season’ in edit modeHidden in edit mode now
OATV-2369Library > Series > When adding a new season, it will only check for the name of the series when ‘Save’ is pressed. Add such a check when ‘save and create season’ is pressed.Check is added
OATV-2363Newly added categories are not available in the editorAvailable now
OATV-2362Sometimes impossible to navigate to other items after editing an itemSolved
OATV-2382Setup: if the folder ‘certificate’ is missing it should be generated (again).Check added
OATV-2370Series: Change button from ‘Save and create season’ into ‘Save and create another season’.Changed
OATV-2408Planner > Custom commands: Remove the number between the bracketsRemoved now
OATV-2368Only possible to create epsiodes in ‘Add’ mode. It should be possible to do this in ‘Edit’ mode as wellPossible now
OATV-2413Custom code: Increase the maximum number of seconds, it should not be limited to 999Solved
OATV-2404Library > Command > Import commercials: make it possible to change values with the keyboardPossible now
OATV-2188Improve the use of container items by adding a checkbox ‘container item’.A checkbox now makes it clear than an item is a container item
OATV-2364Cannot put events in the correct position when no file is attached to the item,Solved
OATV-2419Rename ‘composite item’ to ‘container item’.Renamed
OATV-2409Editor > Fillers: add channel selectionAdded
OATV-2393Planning Rules > template > Edit block times: It should be possible to edit the length manually. Now it is only possible to use the arrows.Possible now
OATV-2402Library > Editor: not possible to add another category when adding an item from a categorySolved
OATV-2407If an item is deleted from the library, it can still be part of a series and still can be scheduledSolved
OATV-2199If a fixed break has a threshold, it should be made clear in the blocksClear now
OATV-2428Planning rules > Blocks: show block name in captionName shown now
OATV-2425Planning Rules > Duplicate block: items in a block should be duplicated as wellImplemented
OATV-2427Planning Rules > Block: make it possible to edit the target length with the keyboard.Possible now
OATV-2319Library > Series > Insert item screen: add a refresh buttonButton added
OATV-2394Library > Commands > Pick newest from category > Estimated duration: it should be possible to change the values manually.Possible now
OATV-2420Library > commands > Pick newest item from category: make it possible to change the duration with the keyboard.Possible now
OATV-2434Change caption of screen to ‘Planning rules’.Context menu added
OATV-2424Planner: ff a command is selected, the option ‘replace items’ should be disabled.Disabled now
OATV-2392Planning rules > Block: copy and paste: paste is not in the same order.Solved
OATV-2173Planner > Detail view: show what block was used to schedule an itemShown now
OATV-2389Library: Commands: command ‘Pick newest from category’ shows category ID instead of category nameSolved
OATV-2443Improve filling mechanism: increase resolutionDone
OATV-2450Planning Rules > Blocks > Insert command: sorting on ‘Name’ does not workWorks now
OATV-2433Add a context menu to the content of blocksContext menu added
OATV-2412Reschedule category stops at hour 10Solved
OATV-2383Changed settings for commercials are not saved. They are reverted to the original settings after closing the screen.Solved
OATV-2384Planner > tools: the importer for commercials should be filtered per channel.Filtered now
OATV-2385Library > columns ‘Edit time’: the edit time is not correct, it seems that it always takes UTC instead of local timeSolved
OATV-2397Library> Series command: when the ‘repeat at end’ is checked, the first season and first episode should be pre-filled in.Done
OATV-2401Planner: fillers placed with the tool ‘fill gaps’ should be indicated as ‘scheduler’, not ‘manual’.Solved
OATV-2431Planning rules > Templates: autoselect correct channel when adding a template in a configuration with multiple channelsDone
OATV-2464Planning Rules > Formats should not be visible when the channel mode is ‘Standard’Solved
OATV-2373Planning rules > Add block: it should be possible to chose ‘General’ in the dropdown of the edit screenPossible now
OATV-2439Planning rules > Add templates: at first start-up the channel is emptySolved
OATV-2432Planning rules > Templates: autoselect all months when adding a new template for the first time.All months are selected by default
OATV-2465Planning Rules > Add template: screen shows ‘Edit template’ in caption.Chnaged to ‘Add template’
OATV-2467Planning rules > Blocks: after changing the channel of a block, the tree is not updated.Solved
OATV-2453Library > Recycle bin: sometimes attached files cannot be deleted from disk because they are locked.Solved
OATV-2410Planner > context menu > ‘Insert item from same categeory’: Items from the category are shown, but not the category itself.Solved
OATV-2411Planner > Context men > Insert item from same category: the previous selected category will be shown instead of the category in the playlistSolved
OATV-2470Library > Series > Add Season > Populate > add new category: main categories should be sorted alphabeticallySorted now
OATV-2371Library > Series: it should be possible to save the season and episodes without having to select a category.A category is not necessary anymore
OATV-2293Library > Editor: items should not have an obligatory category anymoreCatgeory not required anymore
OATV-2457Planner > Tools: ‘Place newest item from categories’: period cannot be chanaged manually, only with the mouse.Solved
OATV-2473Planner > Tools > Place newest item from category: commands without a description should show the commandname and categorySolved
OATV-2474Planner > Tools: inserted command ‘Pick newest from category’: remove the number in bracketsRemoved now
OATV-2476Planner > Tools: Place newest from categories: default time is form 10:00 to 23:59Changed to 00:00 – 23:59
OATV-2478Planner: Unclear message when legal period is broken of a fixed item in a blockClear now
OATV-2479Planner: Unclear message when the legal period of an item in a category is brokenClear now
OATV-2480Planner: when an episode of a series brakes the legal period, it should not be placed and the series should be stopped.Implemented
OATV-2375Planning rules > multiple Channels: the node ‘General’ should be visible in the treeVisible now
OATV-2482Planning Rules: after duplicating a block the cursor jumps to the next channel. It should stay at the current channelSolved
OATV-2456Library: tagging or untagging items should not update the ‘edit date’.Edit date not updated anymore
OATV-2487Planner > Tools: Impossible to re-schedule categories multiple times if the first time multiple days have been chosen.Solved
OATV-2486Library > Series: media ID is duplicated when adding a new season and populate itSolved
OATV-2328After editing a template the cursor jumps to ‘blocks’Solved
OATV-2327Planning rules: after removing a template, the cursor jumps to blocksSolved
OATV-2359Reruns: sorting is not correct and also not possible to change.Solved, autosorted upon saving
OATV-2374Planning rules > Blocks: tt should be possible to change the ‘target length’ manually.Possible now
OATV-2390Planning rules: changes in a block in the long term planning are not visible in the block itself.Solved
OATV-2338Planning rules > Edit block > after editing the cursor should be still at the edited blockSolved
OATV-2340Planner > Blocks > insert command > button ‘select’ is not workingWorks now
OATV-2396Planner: it should not be possible to navigate to non-existing playlistsImpossible now
OATV-2391Planning Rules > Blocks: category should be visisble at command ‘pick newest from category’ when the command has no descriptionVisible now
OATV-2356Planning rule > Rerun: it should be possible to chnage the duration manually, now it is only possible with the up / down buttonsPossible now
OATV-2334In blocks, it should be possible to use they ‘delete’ key on the keyboard to delete itemsPossible now
OATV-2422Library > commands > Pick newest item from category: show the main category as wellShown now
OATV-2475When ‘System’ is opened, the cursor is on ‘Channel mode’ by default. It should be on the first tab ‘Backup’.Tab changed
OATV-2330Planner: command info: estimated lengt should not be in ms but in seconds.Seconds now
OATV-2484Reschedule category: items in the recycle bin should be excludedExcluded now
OATV-2490Planner > Insert item from same category: add ‘Insert’ buttonButton added
OATV-2493Installer: remove question about previous setupRemoved
OATV-2491Planner: scheduling a selected number of hours requires better handling and feedback.Solved
OATV-1420Reports: add ‘Distribution’ report.Distribution report added
OATV-2507Library: Editor: pressing OK to fast after linking a long item sometimes results in a 0 durationSolved
OATV-2504Planning Rules > Block: insert command: the Rerun for a undefined series is not visisble in the ‘command insert screen’.Solved
OATV-2502Planning rules: undefined series rerun command not visable in the ‘insert command’ windowSolved
OATV-2501Planner > Tools: importing commercials for multiple days sometimes does not work wellSolved
OATV-2544Planner > partial day plan: hour 0 disappears when planning empty hours on the list of the same daySolved
OATV-2489Planning Rules > templates: make it possible to delete multiple blocks from a template at oncePossible now
OATV-2539Add a ‘undefined rerun command’, which is a rerun that will be scheduled by a command instead of autonomously.Command added for undefined reruns
OATV-2228Planning rules: make it possible to give reruns their own colour.Possible now
OATV-2488Library > Edit Series > Add Season > Select category: screen should have an ‘Autorefresh’Autorefresh added
OATV-2558Planner > Tools: ‘Place newest from categorie’ selection should be in alphabetical order.Ordered now
OATV-2568Planning rules > Blocks: change labels in EPG section to ‘synopsis’.Changed
OATV-2569Library: Editor: change labels of EPG to ‘Synopsis’.Changed
OATV-2567Library > Categories: change labels at EPG section to ‘synopsis’.Changed
OATV-2570Planning rules > Blocks: impossible to delete a just created block that contains EPG.Solved
OATV-2531System > backup: wrong time format for backup, hours should be 00 – 24Solved
OATV-2545Planning Rules> Templates: duplicated template is emptySolved
OATV-2429Planning rules: it should be possible to paste items in empty blocks.Possible now
OATV-2506Planner > Export: show the days that are going to be exportedShown now
OATV-2557Library: add ‘status’ as a column to the library overview.Status added
OATV-2503Planner: schedule series placeholder command does not always workSolved
OATV-2566Library > Series > Seasons: change labels of EPG to ‘Synopsis’.Changed
OATV-2551Planning rules: Templates: duplicate action should also duplicate the content.Content duplicated
OATV-2556Library > Editor > Category selection: show parent category of sub-categoriesShown now
OATV-2571Planning rules: Blocks: resize the height of the long synopsis when the screen is resized.Resized also now
OATV-2585Planning rules: Templates: deleting a template will also delete attached playlistsNot possible anymore
OATV-2586Planning rules > Block > Inserty Planning Rule: categories selection should have an auto-refresh.Auto-refresh added
OATV-2588Planning Rules > templates > Insert block > Add block: EPG is not cleared when adding a new blockCleared now
OATV-2577Planning rules: Reruns: the cursor jumps to another rerun after editingSolved
OATV-2576Planning rules > Templates: after editing a block in a template, the cursor jumps to blocks.Stays at template now.
OATV-2587Planning Rules > templates > Insert block > Add block: make ‘channel’ a required fieldRequired now
OATV-2601Planning rules > Templates > Block Contents: sort ‘Insert command’ list alphabetically by default.Sorted now
OATV-2602Planning rules > Templates > Blocks > Insert Planning Rules: insert planning rules is disabled for the first item.Enabled now
OATV-2597Planning Rules > Blocks: after duplicating a block the cursor jumps to another channelSolved
OATV-2505Planner > Tools: command ‘Place newest item from category’: chosen hours should be pre-filled in.Implemented
OATV-2612Planning Rules > Templates > Edit special date: editing a special date will add a new date instead of changing the edited dateSolved
OATV-2608Templates > Insert Block: ‘select’ button does not workButton removed
OATV-2621Library > Series > Make command from series: prefill descriptionPrefilled now
OATV-2631Make it possible that reruns are placed by commands in blocksPossible now
OATV-2436Improve video file handling: create a default folder for video filesDefault folder should be specified in system
OATV-131Planning rules > Break patterns: impossible to increase the size of a pattern with the mousePossible now
OATV-2164Planner: make it possible to automatically schedule another series when a series has endedPossible now with new series command
OATV-2417If a new season is created, show the series name in the captionseries name is shown
OATV-968Planning rules > Blocks: make it possible to create a category based on a block name.Possible now
OATV-2430Planner > replace items: add a start and end dateStart and end date added
OATV-2671Planner -> Replace Items: progress bar should show selected option in caption.Implemented
OATV-2636EPG: make it possible to add all kind of EPG (Sky, Astra, Freeview etc) to series commands.Possible now
OATV-2652Library > Yearpart: make it possible to multi-select multiple cells by holding the mouse.Possible now
OATV-2653Library > Daypart: make it possible to multi-select multiple cells by holding the mouse.Possible now
OATV-2673System: Add new section ‘Automation’ in order to schedule tasksSection added
OATV-2672Planner -> Replace Items: It should be possible to replace a category rule without any results for an itemPossible now
OATV-2694Library > Editor: adding ‘Distributor’ by pressing on + button does not set the valueSolved
OATV-2693Exporters: Fork V2 export as-run: remove all empty tabs after after the last column with a valueImplemented
OATV-2685Library: change menu order at ‘Watch folder’ sectionOrder changed
OATV-2681Planner > Calendar view: make it easier to move future blocks in the plannerEasier now
OATV-2684Library > Watch folder: add a ‘Refresh’ button at the Watch folder sectionRefresh button added
OATV-2574Library: replace the type ‘Background’ to a new property ‘Cuttable’Changed
OATV-2616Fill gaps: show a warning if no fillers could be placedWarning is shown
OATV-2676Reports: make it possible to select / unselect al fields at oncePossible now
OATV-2710Library: show message when deleting an item which is still used in a (future) playlistMultiple filters added
OATV-2702Library: Editor: improve EPG lay-out in editorImproved
OATV-2716Library > Edit tagged items: add ‘cuttable’ switch for fillersSwitch added
OATV-2729Library > Filler: add ‘cuttable’ as an filter option.Added to filter
OATV-2690Planner: when replacing a series placeholder with an episode the duration does not update correctlySolved
OATV-2717Library > Edit tagged items: make labels and tab position the same as for the editorSame now
OATV-2724Library > Series > General: Change the label ‘Description’ into ‘Remark’.Changed
OATV-2705Planning rules > Blocks: show a warning when trying to remove a block that is part of a template.Warning is shown
OATV-2727Planner: placeholder after 23:59 cannot be handledSolved
OATV-2728Planner > Reschedule category: the function schedules items that should not be scheduled because of the legal periodSolved, it was 1 day off.
OATV-2718Library: add “Last scheduled” to library overviewColumn added
OATV-2403Planning rules: make it possible to delete multiple blocks from a templateImplemented
OATV-2471General: all items should be saved on a ‘default’ location which can be assigned in ‘System’.Implemented
OATV-2669Planner > Tools > Copy playlist: set the destination date of a playlist copy by default on selected dateSolved
OATV-2688Planning rules >Blocks: make it possible to copy general EPG form the titlePossible now
OATV-2687Editor: Long Term Planning: EPG fields typing is going backwards.Solved
OATV-2683Library > File watcher node: rename node to: ‘Watch folder’Node renamed
OATV-2670Planner -> Replace Items: date of selected playlist should be pre-filled at replace items in the range optionImplemented
OATV-2697PlayBox export: Toggle metadata modifier not always exported correctlySolved
OATV-2668Planner: make it possible to copy multiple playlistsPossible now
OATV-2659Library > command: Add a range to the command ‘Copy line from another station’Range added
OATV-2689Planning rules > Block: rename ‘Description’ to ‘Remark’Renamed
OATV-2639Make it possible to create EPG based on the long term planningPossible now
OATV-2638.Possible now
OATV-2193Make it possible to add EPG information to blocksPossible now
OATV-2195Make it possible to add EPG information to categoriesPossible now
OATV-2196Make it possible to add EPG information on series and seasons levelsPossible now
OATV-2744Planner: make it possible that ‘cuttable’ fillers can be used always (instead of only at the last position in a gap).Possible now
OATV-2745Make it possible that ‘cuttable’ fillers can always be used to fill gaps, not only as the last position.Possible now
OATV-2711Planning Rules: sometimes no blocks visible in templatesSolved
OATV-2746System > Commercials: remove the obsolte option ‘Replace path…’Removed
OATV-2104Planner > Commercials importer: add a clear log which shows errors during importLog added
OATV-2229System: Move automated ‘As run importer’ to new ‘Automation’ sectionMoved
OATV-2225System: move automated actions for watch folder to new ‘Automation’ sectionMoved
OATV-2352Planning Rules > Context menu: Change ‘Go to block’ into ‘Block contents’.Changed
OATV-2250System: commercial importer configuration: make it possible to specify prefix.Possible now
OATV-2354Planning Rules: add a menu bar at Rerun overviewMenu added
OATV-2335Planning rules > Blocks: show a clear blue line where dragged items or commands will be dropped.Blue line is now shown
OATV-2549Planning rules > Series command: make it possible to schedule ‘premiere’ series and ‘repeat’ seriesPossible now
OATV-76CSD-180Reports: make it possible to save the settings for reports for easy reuse of the same report.Possible now
OATV-2682Decrease the amount of mouse clicks that are necessary before being able to add a specific EPG to seriesImproved
OATV-2726Make it impossible to store a date in the legal period with another format than dd-mm-yyyyImpossible now
OATV-2743Libray > Editor > Serties: sort list of series alphabeticallySorted now
OATV-2747Library > Ediror: if an item of the type ‘commercial’ is opened in the editor, the default path should be the ‘commercial location’Implemented
OATV-2737Planning Rules > Blocks: editing a block shows the EPG of the last opened blockChanged
OATV-2186System > Backup: make it possible to remove old backupsPossible now
OATV-2565Library: Series: change labels of EPG to ‘Synopsis’.Changed

Version 7.3.0 – may 17, 2022

Issue IDService desk IDDescriptionRelease notes
OATV-1623CSD-1037Astra EPG: hide the station logo when using fillersDone
OATV-1475Change ‘Integration’ to ‘As run’Changed
OATV-1411Cinegy export: if a fixed break is followed by a command instead of an item, the item in the export will not be ‘clocked’.Solved
OATV-1430CSD-1171Wrong start time when dragging an fixed break of 0 in an empty playlistSolved
OATV-1690CSD-1520Library at bulk import: improve “attach item to serie”Sorted now
OATV-1723CSD-1536Freeview ID not always corect at exportSolved
OATV-1691CSD-1521Show the media id in the title sectionEditor: media id visible in title section
OATV-1596Make it possible to edit blocks in the planner without changing the blocks in the ‘long term planning’Possible now, makes it much easier to make changes for non-regular blocks
OATV-403Sometimes wrong date format in metadataSolved

Version 7.2.0 – February 8, 2022

Issue IDService Desk IDDescriptionRelease notes
OATV-1462Add a set of ‘triggers’ to the watch folder in order to automate actionsSeveral options added

Version 7.1.2 – December 14, 2021

Issue IDService Desk IDDescriptionRelease notes
HotfixApply this fix ASAP. It will apply a patch for a recently
discovered security vulnerability.
This fix can only be applied to version 7. Contact us if you are working with version 6.

Version 7.1.1 – December 1, 2021

Issue IDService Desk IDDescriptionRelease notes
Hotfix In some cases the planner could skip planning rules or show incorrect playlists.Solved

Version 7.1.0 – November 23,  2021

Issue IDService Desk IDDescriptionRelease notes
OATV-1410Make it possible to export playlists automaticallyPossible now
OATV-1428CSD-1168Add a new Playbox ‘Splice’ commandNeo Splice command added
OATV-1467Add an estimated duration for the command ‘pick newest from category’Estimation added
OATV-1470Command ‘pick newest item from category’ should become a placeholderChanged to placeholder
OATV-1479Add more types to dropdown‘Live’ and ‘Placeholder’ are added as type
OATV-1472Tools > ‘pick newest item from category’ should only replace future itemsDone
OATV-1405Planner: If I want to drag multiple items, only the first one is moved.Solved
OATV-1486CSD-1311Sometimes not possible to delete playlistsSolved
OATV-1471Improve ‘auto-sort’ of rerunsWorks well now
OATV-1488CSD-1316EPG timings for TV Player should be rounded to 1 minute instead of 5Changed to 1 minute instead of 5
OATV-1253Planner > Tools: Remove tool ‘replace series command by items’Removed, obsolete now
OATV-1483Change the initial episode to to the same as the first episodeChanged
OATV-1480Importer gives too many warning about similar itemsSolved
OATV-1485Planning Rules: not all grids are visable under “advanced” (due to scaling) anymoreVisible now

Version 7.0.0 – July 21,  2021

Issue IDService desk IDDescriptionRelease notes
OATV-1086Make it possible to define the amount of episodes and insert dummy items in the plannerPossible now
OATV-841Add ‘Booking ID’ or ‘Contract number’ as a new column in the planner overviewBooking ID added
OATV-1084Make it possible to enter the breaks in ‘duration’ instead of ‘position’.Possible now with a switch
OATV-1157Impossible to add a break into an item that has no filePossible now
OATV-1168make it possible to assign a ‘Start On’ and ‘End on’ date to itemsStart-on / End-on date-time added
OATV-1140CSD-1036Duration of cut items are wrong on the exported scheduleSolved
OATV-1173CSD-1035Yearpart is not always correctly used for fillersSolved
OATV-1185Every time a break pattern is edited, the order of the list changes: It should stay the sameSolved
OATV-1191Improve the Pattern screenImproved
OATV-1149Make it possible to multi-select series and remove them in batchPossible now
OATV-1195CSD-1058For ASTRA EPG add an unique EventID and ProgramID for auto-appendAdded
OATV-1137Improve the use of break templatesImproved
OATV-1150Make it possible to add a batch of additional episodes to an existing seriesPossible now
OATV-1214Day templates: Impossible to delete start and end date once they are setPossible now
OATV-1200In the login screen, make a dropdown so the user can chose which database he wants to useSelection for database added
OATV-1219Edit tagged items: changes which are typed in at IN or OUT manually are not saved.Solved
OATV-1202almost impossible to edit a break manuallySolved
OATV-665Extend the use of events to Airing TemplatesBlockTemplates can have events now
OATV-1263CSD-1073Fillers should not be in EPGFillers are filtered out
OATV-1177Category Rules: Change ‘Period’ to ‘Yearpart’, we better change its name to ‘Yearpart’.Done
OATV-1053It seems impossible to insert the bloc ‘Top 5 lifestyle..’ into a template.Solved
OATV-1108System, History: Order should be reversed, newest on top instead of bottomReversed now
OATV-1255OATV-1269It should be possible to ‘re-schedule’ series and start from another episodePossible now
OATV-1300Make it possible to ‘reschedule’ an undefined series commandPossible now
OATV-1269OATV-1255Make a new command that will insert an ‘undefined series’in the planner, which can be scheduled at a later stagePossible now
OATV-1166Make it possible to import commercials from different sourcesPossible now
OATV-839Rerun: up-down buttons: start-time should be rounded to 5 minutes.Rounded now
OATV-808Inconsequent dropdown in editor (goes up sometimes instead of down)Solved
OATV-1160Make it possible to import Playbox ‘as run’ logs automaticallyPossible now
OATV-1125It should be easier to give categories a colorCan be done in the setting of the category itself now
OATV-1164Improve the screen ‘Import commercials’Improved
OATV-1155Add a command that will insert a dummy fileAdded
OATV-1052Commands for charts should have an estimated duration in blocksImplemented
OATV-1293Planner: Add ‘reschedule series’ to ‘tools’ on the menu barAdded to tools
OATV-1297It should be possible to remove year parts or day parts from items with ‘batch edit’.Possible now
OATV-1299Add a ‘Go back’ button in the long term planningAdded
OATV-1139OATV-1335Reruns which are not attached to items should fill the planner with placeholdersImplemented
OATV-1328Impossible to remove the break template from a blockPossible now
OATV-1332Gap / overlap should have same format (hh:mm:ss.nnn) as other timesSame now
OATV-1021Planner: start time in ms, duration (length) in frames: make it the sameSame now
OATV-1336Make it possible to attach items to future reruns without items in the ‘detail view’.Possible now
OATV-1339Serie commands without an item should be red in the detail viewRed now
OATV-1322Remove the numbers after the seriesRemoved now
OATV-1324Add a ‘Refresh’ button to the ‘insert command’ screen‘Refresh’ button added
OATV-826Add list of templates to the top levelAdded
OATV-1343Make right mouse button menus the same for templates and long term planningSame now
OATV-1323If a series has no custom description show the name of the series in the library, planner and details of the commandShown now
OATV-1326Make it possible to create a ‘series command’ directly from the seriesPossible now
OATV-1314Undefined series command needs an ‘Identifier’Identifier added
OATV-1321In calendar view: do not show parts, just the item itselfparts are not shown now
OATV-966Add a sub-level per day at the Long Term Planning overviewSub level added
OATV-1275Add ‘artist rotation’ in category rules, they are now attached to item rotationArtist rotation added
OATV-1347Sometimes wrong amount of frames in export CinegySolved
OATV-1222Improve randomized selection of the items during schedulingImproved now
OATV-1370Make it possible to add, edit and remove Airings manually in a list overview in the Planning RulesPossible now
OATV-1305Show block information in calendar viewShown now
OATV-1327If an item is replaced by another item, make it possible to reapply the break templatePossible now with the tool ‘Reapply break template’
OATV-1396Show series names in command search boxSolved
OATV-1350CSD-1103Colors should be hierarchical: First type, then seriesDone
OATV-1394CSD-1141Manually added fillers are shown in Astra EPG. This should not happen.Resolved
OATV-1399Add the part numbers to the exported parts in the Cinegy exportPart numbers added
OATV-1373Make it possible to import ‘as run’ files from BCNEXTBCNEXXT Integration for as run added
OATV-776When adding items check for similar items and give a warningWarning added
OATV-1362Make an exporter for BCNEXXTExporter for BCNEXXT added
OATV-1403Cinegy export: last item before the fixed break should be cut off.Solved
OATV-1406Inserting a commercial between breaks messes up the Cinegy playlistSolved
OATV-1409Use less blocks in Cinegy exportDone
OATV-1407Logo should be part of an item (Cinegy Globecast export)Done
OATV-1402Planner: Multiple items delete does not work, it only deletes part of the items.Solved
OATV-1404Impossible to drag an item to the bottom of the playlist.Possible now
OATV-787Attaching an item to the same rerun twice with different start dates does not work.Works now
OATV-1379Airings: Add some more options for the right mouse buttons: edit, delete, tmingImplemented
OATV-93Column head should be called ‘Casting’ instead of ‘Artists’Changed
OATV-104Library: Change column name ‘artist’ into ‘casting’Changed
OATV-1381If an attached item from a rerun is removed, the rerun is removed as wellSolved
OATV-1401If an item that contains parts is attached to the rerun command, only the first part will be added.Solved
OATV-105System: commercial configuration should be license depended.Implemented
OATV-1415Reports: rename ‘Airing templates overview’ to ‘Rerun overview’Renamed
OATV-1413Astra EPG: Add random DatasetID in EPG ExportAdded
OATV-1418Add ORN importerORN Added
OATV-1414CSD-1147Small Bug on EPGFixed
OATV-865Redesign the ‘Statistics’ tabRedesigned
OATV-1422Edit tagged items: Edit separations does not workSolved
OATV-1363Make it possible to import commercial files of the ‘ORN’ format.ORN format can be imported now