Release notes OnAir TV

Version 7.1.2 – December 14, 2021

Issue IDService Desk IDDescriptionRelease notes
HotfixApply this fix ASAP. It will apply a patch for a recently
discovered security vulnerability.
This fix can only be applied to version 7. Contact us if you are working with version 6.

Version 7.1.1 – December 1, 2021

Issue IDService Desk IDDescriptionRelease notes
Hotfix In some cases the planner could skip planning rules or show incorrect playlists.Solved

Version 7.1.0 – November 23,  2021

Issue IDService Desk IDDescriptionRelease notes
OATV-1410Make it possible to export playlists automaticallyPossible now
OATV-1428CSD-1168Add a new Playbox ‘Splice’ commandNeo Splice command added
OATV-1467Add an estimated duration for the command ‘pick newest from category’Estimation added
OATV-1470Command ‘pick newest item from category’ should become a placeholderChanged to placeholder
OATV-1479Add more types to dropdown‘Live’ and ‘Placeholder’ are added as type
OATV-1472Tools > ‘pick newest item from category’ should only replace future itemsDone
OATV-1405Planner: If I want to drag multiple items, only the first one is moved.Solved
OATV-1486CSD-1311Sometimes not possible to delete playlistsSolved
OATV-1471Improve ‘auto-sort’ of rerunsWorks well now
OATV-1488CSD-1316EPG timings for TV Player should be rounded to 1 minute instead of 5Changed to 1 minute instead of 5
OATV-1253Planner > Tools: Remove tool ‘replace series command by items’Removed, obsolete now
OATV-1483Change the initial episode to to the same as the first episodeChanged
OATV-1480Importer gives too many warning about similar itemsSolved
OATV-1485Planning Rules: not all grids are visable under “advanced” (due to scaling) anymoreVisible now

Version 7.0.0 – July 21,  2021

Issue IDService desk IDDescriptionRelease notes
OATV-1086Make it possible to define the amount of episodes and insert dummy items in the plannerPossible now
OATV-841Add ‘Booking ID’ or ‘Contract number’ as a new column in the planner overviewBooking ID added
OATV-1084Make it possible to enter the breaks in ‘duration’ instead of ‘position’.Possible now with a switch
OATV-1157Impossible to add a break into an item that has no filePossible now
OATV-1168make it possible to assign a ‘Start On’ and ‘End on’ date to itemsStart-on / End-on date-time added
OATV-1140CSD-1036Duration of cut items are wrong on the exported scheduleSolved
OATV-1173CSD-1035Yearpart is not always correctly used for fillersSolved
OATV-1185Every time a break pattern is edited, the order of the list changes: It should stay the sameSolved
OATV-1191Improve the Pattern screenImproved
OATV-1149Make it possible to multi-select series and remove them in batchPossible now
OATV-1195CSD-1058For ASTRA EPG add an unique EventID and ProgramID for auto-appendAdded
OATV-1137Improve the use of break templatesImproved
OATV-1150Make it possible to add a batch of additional episodes to an existing seriesPossible now
OATV-1214Day templates: Impossible to delete start and end date once they are setPossible now
OATV-1200In the login screen, make a dropdown so the user can chose which database he wants to useSelection for database added
OATV-1219Edit tagged items: changes which are typed in at IN or OUT manually are not saved.Solved
OATV-1202almost impossible to edit a break manuallySolved
OATV-665Extend the use of events to Airing TemplatesBlockTemplates can have events now
OATV-1263CSD-1073Fillers should not be in EPGFillers are filtered out
OATV-1177Category Rules: Change ‘Period’ to ‘Yearpart’, we better change its name to ‘Yearpart’.Done
OATV-1053It seems impossible to insert the bloc ‘Top 5 lifestyle..’ into a template.Solved
OATV-1108System, History: Order should be reversed, newest on top instead of bottomReversed now
OATV-1255OATV-1269It should be possible to ‘re-schedule’ series and start from another episodePossible now
OATV-1300Make it possible to ‘reschedule’ an undefined series commandPossible now
OATV-1269OATV-1255Make a new command that will insert an ‘undefined series’in the planner, which can be scheduled at a later stagePossible now
OATV-1166Make it possible to import commercials from different sourcesPossible now
OATV-839Rerun: up-down buttons: start-time should be rounded to 5 minutes.Rounded now
OATV-808Inconsequent dropdown in editor (goes up sometimes instead of down)Solved
OATV-1160Make it possible to import Playbox ‘as run’ logs automaticallyPossible now
OATV-1125It should be easier to give categories a colorCan be done in the setting of the category itself now
OATV-1164Improve the screen ‘Import commercials’Improved
OATV-1155Add a command that will insert a dummy fileAdded
OATV-1052Commands for charts should have an estimated duration in blocksImplemented
OATV-1293Planner: Add ‘reschedule series’ to ‘tools’ on the menu barAdded to tools
OATV-1297It should be possible to remove year parts or day parts from items with ‘batch edit’.Possible now
OATV-1299Add a ‘Go back’ button in the long term planningAdded
OATV-1139OATV-1335Reruns which are not attached to items should fill the planner with placeholdersImplemented
OATV-1328Impossible to remove the break template from a blockPossible now
OATV-1332Gap / overlap should have same format (hh:mm:ss.nnn) as other timesSame now
OATV-1021Planner: start time in ms, duration (length) in frames: make it the sameSame now
OATV-1336Make it possible to attach items to future reruns without items in the ‘detail view’.Possible now
OATV-1339Serie commands without an item should be red in the detail viewRed now
OATV-1322Remove the numbers after the seriesRemoved now
OATV-1324Add a ‘Refresh’ button to the ‘insert command’ screen‘Refresh’ button added
OATV-826Add list of templates to the top levelAdded
OATV-1343Make right mouse button menus the same for templates and long term planningSame now
OATV-1323If a series has no custom description show the name of the series in the library, planner and details of the commandShown now
OATV-1326Make it possible to create a ‘series command’ directly from the seriesPossible now
OATV-1314Undefined series command needs an ‘Identifier’Identifier added
OATV-1321In calendar view: do not show parts, just the item itselfparts are not shown now
OATV-966Add a sub-level per day at the Long Term Planning overviewSub level added
OATV-1275Add ‘artist rotation’ in category rules, they are now attached to item rotationArtist rotation added
OATV-1347Sometimes wrong amount of frames in export CinegySolved
OATV-1222Improve randomized selection of the items during schedulingImproved now
OATV-1370Make it possible to add, edit and remove Airings manually in a list overview in the Planning RulesPossible now
OATV-1305Show block information in calendar viewShown now
OATV-1327If an item is replaced by another item, make it possible to reapply the break templatePossible now with the tool ‘Reapply break template’
OATV-1396Show series names in command search boxSolved
OATV-1350CSD-1103Colors should be hierarchical: First type, then seriesDone
OATV-1394CSD-1141Manually added fillers are shown in Astra EPG. This should not happen.Resolved
OATV-1399Add the part numbers to the exported parts in the Cinegy exportPart numbers added
OATV-1373Make it possible to import ‘as run’ files from BCNEXTBCNEXXT Integration for as run added
OATV-776When adding items check for similar items and give a warningWarning added
OATV-1362Make an exporter for BCNEXXTExporter for BCNEXXT added
OATV-1403Cinegy export: last item before the fixed break should be cut off.Solved
OATV-1406Inserting a commercial between breaks messes up the Cinegy playlistSolved
OATV-1409Use less blocks in Cinegy exportDone
OATV-1407Logo should be part of an item (Cinegy Globecast export)Done
OATV-1402Planner: Multiple items delete does not work, it only deletes part of the items.Solved
OATV-1404Impossible to drag an item to the bottom of the playlist.Possible now
OATV-787Attaching an item to the same rerun twice with different start dates does not work.Works now
OATV-1379Airings: Add some more options for the right mouse buttons: edit, delete, tmingImplemented
OATV-93Column head should be called ‘Casting’ instead of ‘Artists’Changed
OATV-104Library: Change column name ‘artist’ into ‘casting’Changed
OATV-1381If an attached item from a rerun is removed, the rerun is removed as wellSolved
OATV-1401If an item that contains parts is attached to the rerun command, only the first part will be added.Solved
OATV-105System: commercial configuration should be license depended.Implemented
OATV-1415Reports: rename ‘Airing templates overview’ to ‘Rerun overview’Renamed
OATV-1413Astra EPG: Add random DatasetID in EPG ExportAdded
OATV-1418Add ORN importerORN Added
OATV-1414CSD-1147Small Bug on EPGFixed
OATV-865Redesign the ‘Statistics’ tabRedesigned
OATV-1422Edit tagged items: Edit separations does not workSolved
OATV-1363Make it possible to import commercial files of the ‘ORN’ format.ORN format can be imported now
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