Release notes OnAir Spots

Version 4.1.1, December 14, 2021

Planner: error ‘Division by zero’ occurs when in the ‘Day-template’ the ‘Max amount’ of commercials is set to 0. This is solved now.

Version 4.1.2, December 23, 2022

Log-in: Passwords are hidden

Some up-down buttons were not working: all working now

Version 4.1.0, October 13, 2021

Added importer for DPG files

Improved connection to database

Version 4.0.0 – January 26,  2021

Improved speed

Faster manual moving of commercials to another block

Version 3.3.6 – December 12, 2019

Improved mechanism for placing spots at specific positions in a block (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th)

Version 3.3.1 – September 17, 2019

Improved copy mechanism of campaigns and campaign rules

Solved error in Line-up after replacing files in campaign rules

Switch off multi-line feature in reports to have better layouts

Version 3.2.14, June 26, 2019

Possible now to place a commercial on a certain place like place 2, 3 or 4 in a block

Solved Error in Line-up after replacing files in campaign rules

Possible now to change branche in the account screen

Version: 3.2.10, 3.2.11, 3.2.12

Untill March 4, 2019

These versions contain patches for errors that are caused by the latest updates of Windows 10

Version: 3.2.9, Januari 28, 2019

The option ‘replace file’ only worked when a file was attached, now it work always

Version: 3.2.8, November 19, 2018

12416: Show the customer name in the planning overview

Customer name is shown now.

12419: Add a ‘contract number’ to campaigns

Contract number is added.

12422: Show the contract number in the planning overview

Shown now in planning overview

12086: Make it possible to assign ID’s higher than (up to 999)</h4


Version: 3.2.7, October 30, 2018

10594: Make new reports:  Monthly turnover per station / edition

Report added

6991: Move this button to page bottom, right side

Moved button

12085: Make a counter for the total amount of spots

Amount of Spots is now mentioned in the title bar

12270: Add counters in planning overview

Counters added

12276: Make new report:  Turnover per period

Added report

12353: ‘Position in block’ sometimes not working


12348: Change to min/max amount

Title changed

9347: Change button captions


10715: Change to ‘default directories’


10742: Change to position


11923: Bug when calculating days


11959: Change order of the entries in the Wizard


Version: 3.2.6, August 17, 2018

11957: Discount at campaigns: Make it possible put 1 figure more at the right of the separator (42,3%)


Version: 3.2.5, July 10, 2018

11958: At initialization: Put some defaults values in the wizard


Version 3.2.4, June 28, 2018

10459: Branch should be voluntarily, now you have to fill it in


10461: Dayparts should be called ‘distribution scheme’


11913: Add Grand totals at the end of the reports: Turnover per client / turnover per period

Grand totals have been added

Version 3.2.0, 12 December 2017

6869: It should be possible to add agencies to the system (and commission)


6870: It should be possible to attach ‘sales reps’ to customers


9338: Add a ‘current date’ field to client report


10392: Add monthly and 2-weekly summaries to client overview reports


9336: Change layout of client’s scheme

Changed, better layout.

9337: Add a ‘booked length’ for spots and use this in clients report


9343: Wizard: Cursor should start in campaign field


9344: Wizard: Make frame for commercials invisible when there are no spots


9346: Add ‘use as filler’ at commercials

Implemented: If editions are used, commercials from OnAir Spots can now be marked as filler and will be used as fillers in OnAir Radio fully automatic. These kind of fillers will only be used as fillers on the days that the original commercials are being broadcasted.

9351: When the name of a commercial is changed the length is set back to 0


9352: Remove the name of the commercial from the file location if the file cannot be found


9353: Accounts > Campaign: Sort list of station alphabetically


9356: Make lists at configuration alfabetical


9382: Rule name should be editable

Editable now

9383: When changing a rule-name the Ok button was not always working

Solved now

9384: When editing a campaign rule from the overview windows, sometimes a date error is thrown.


7005: Sometimes problems with commercials that needed to be placed in specific hours. It complained about not finding a valid block.


7006: Sometimes planning overview did not show title of reminders


7007: Planning did not place item between 2 items that had a branche seperation problem, it kept prefering to place items at the back


7008: Add a check whether the assigned amount of commercials fit into the distribution scheme.


7009: Unscheduling empty blocks takes up a lot of time each time you cancel a campaign

Cancel operation is much faster now

7010: Planned campaignes are not set to active sometimes

Solved now

7053: Error when editing a commercial from overview


7068: Remove Role (it is not used by clients)


7069: Add account manager to campaigns


7070: Hide overview of airings at campaigns

removed now

7071: Adapt lay-out of overview screen of accounts so it looks more like the wizard


9263: When a campaign has 2 reminders, only 1 item is showing in the overview


9264: Crash when planning a campaign with 2 reminders in percentage (both 50%)

Solved now

9334: Change name of ‘day part’ into ‘distribution scheme’


Version 3.1.2, July 20, 2017

6894: Sometimes ‘subscript out of range’ error at start-up

Only happens at old slow pc’s and with large databases. Time-out has been increased to avoid this error.

6982: Incorrect message at copying spots regarding Access and Rights


6912: Accounts: Search does not work anymore

Works again

6875: Commercials: Estimated length: change milliseconds into seconds


6920: if you remove a block, the planner will still place commercials in the ‘removed’ block

Solved: This was only the case when you have multiple stations and has been solved now

6974: Spots can’t be played anymore

Solved (wrong sound-card mapping)

6976: Accounts: ‘role’ should not be obligatory


6977: Make it possible to have the same name for regions


6978: Planning – missing commercials: when foreground is red, make letters white


6823: ASCII overview: Don’t show regions for stations that have only 1 region


6906: Wizard: ‘Fixed budget’ disabled when a fixed price has been chosen