Release notes OnAir Radio

Version 8.1.0 – July 25, 2022

Issue IDService Desk IDDescriptionRelease notes
OAR-1445PFL starts at beginning of file instead at IN (planner, player, carts)Solved
OAR-1460After importing items, fades are sometimes not correctSolved
OAR-1445Sometimes PFL mix-editor plays on the wrong channel
OAR-1451Some more performance improvementsSolved
OAR-1241CSD-1456Sometimes the player switches to the wrong sound device after edition players are finishedSolved
OAR-1450CSD-1620Sometimes the edition players are playing, but this is not shown in the player. After finishing they sometimes start again.Solved

Version 8.0.4 – July 20, 2022

Issue IDService Desk IDDescriptionRelease notes
OAR-1440CSD-1613, CSD-1615Error when deleting multiple items from the planner.Solved
OAR-1441CSD-1616Mix-editor: the button ‘record’ needs to be pressed twice if the next item is a ‘start commercials’ command.Solved
OAR-1442Change ‘in’, ‘out’ and ‘fade’ in labels mix editor settings screenChanged
OAR-1443CSD-1617Player: external stream does not stop on scheduled time when next item is a news itemSolved
OAR-1448CSD-1608Copy – Paste in Planner causes an errorSolved
OAR-1452CSD-1614Performance issues in version 8 because of some memory leaksSolved
OAR-1457CSD-1252Batch track editor too big on some resolutionSmaller now

Version 8.0.3 (patch) – July 12, 2022

Issue IDService Desk IDDescriptionRelease notes
OAR-1438Volume points not correct if files have been replaced using Windows explorer instead of the editor.Use the cue-point analyzer in version 8.0.3 to fix the replaced files and its durations.

Version 8.0.2 (patch) – July 8, 2022

Issue IDService Desk IDDescriptionRelease notes
OAR-1436CSD-1606A bug in the migration from version 7 to version 8 caused some fades in items in existing playlists to get a duration of 0. The items itself are not affected. Making new playlists will solve the issue. The bug has been solved for future migrations.Solved

Version 8.0.1 (patch) – July 4, 2022

Issue IDService Desk IDDescriptionRelease notes
OAR-1430Sometimes commercials are loaded double in the playerSolved
OAR-1431Sometimes commercials are played silently in the playerSolved

Version 8.0.0 – June 28, 2022

Issue IDService Desk IDDescriptionRelease notes
OAR-1429Replace the current mix-editor with a brand new mix-editorNew mix-editor ready and released!
OAR-954Make the use of volume points possible in the mix-editor, editor, monitor and playerPossible now to use volume-points
OAR-200Add a ‘fade-in’ button in the mix-editor for quickly setting a fade-in.Fade-in button added
OAR-1359Library > Editor > make it possible to play a recording at 2x or 4x the original speed.Possible now
OAR-1166Remove the ‘insert Voicetrack’ button from the player menuRemoved: it now can be handled within the mix-editor

Version 7.6.0 – May 31, 2022

Issue IDService Desk IDDescriptionRelease notes
OAR-1372Sometimes the logs can grow very bigSolved
OAR-1373Sometimes multiple commercials are playing togetherSolved
OAR-1369If you drag an item from the Windows Explorer into the playlist of the player, the play-time is always 5 seconds.Solved
OAR-1312CSD-1497Autoplay disabled during commercialsEnabled now
OAR-1319No Autoreload possible on commercials if item before was manual startedPossible now
OAR-1275Player > https > label of content type not completely readableFixed
OAR-1374CSD-1572‘Advanced’ option in ‘insert planning rules’ are sometimes not workingSolved
OAR-1363CSD-1483Items with ‘Planned Airing’ are not always scheduledFixed

Version 7.5.0 – May 17, 2022

Issue IDService Desk IDDescriptionRelease notes
OAR-1328Add more detailed info in the technical logsMore actions and info is written to the technical logs
OAR-1306CSD-1524Playing now: when a jingle is linked to an item, the jingle is also written to the ‘playing now’Solved
OAR-1345‘Reload’ or ‘Autoreload’ does not work for the next day just after loading the next day’s playlistSolved
OAR-1360CSD-1548In some circumstances files in the cache can get locked and cannot be played for a second timeFixed
OAR-1332CSD-1523In some circumstances the planner will take a long time for generating a playlistPlanner speed has increased by a factor 8
OAR-1027Colors of Launchpad MK3 not always correctAll correct now
OAR-1314CSD-1487In some circumstances the commercial block plays at the same time as the first item after the commercial blockPatch applied

Version 7.4.0 – April 12, 2022

Issue IDService Desk IDDescriptionRelease notes
OAR-1235Migration to 7: category not migrated for command ‘dynamic pingle’Solved
OAR-1252Sometimes the ‘Auto-reload’ reloads the playlist without any changes in the plannerSolved
OAR-1228Editor: Impossible to change the BPM value manuallySolved
OAR-1253CSD-1479The message ‘Could not find file’ does not go away after file has been found for news tracksSolved
OAR-1255Recorded voictrack shows incorrect message ‘no file attached to item found’Solved
OAR-1237CSD-1467Reports – Played items in period not workingWorks again
OAR-1257CSD-1489Insert similar artist does not work (anymore)Solved
OAR-1227CSD-1182Make it optional to show the BPM value of an item in then playerCan be switched on or off in config > interface now
OAR-1258CSD-1486TCP is not exporting NEWS or COMMERCIALSExported now
OAR-1243CSD-1439Edition filling: not enough variation for ‘standard’ itemsFiller algorithm is now adapted
OAR-1265The JSON playlist is not exported anymoreSolved
OAR-1226Player: small readability improvement in the ‘information’ screen’sDone
OAR-1267CSD-1492Sometimes items in the carts are greyed outSolved
OAR-1263CSD-1437Planner: sometimes there are double values in the ‘quick day report’Solved
OAR-1264Make it possible to schedule the XML exportPossible now at System > Job scheduling
OAR-1272CSD-1496Sometimes short period of silence can occur when edition players are shut down during broadcastSolved
OAR-1268Add a ‘Content-Type header’ to the https POST in the playerPossible now to add a custom header
OAR-1270When a hook is dragged from the player to a cart, all durations are shown as 00:00:00.Solved
OAR-1008Improve ‘Edit file path’ in ‘batch edit items’Improved: multiple options now
OAR-1269Sometimes fillers are not placed before a fixed breaks.Solved
OAR-1031Put the tabs in ‘system’ in alphabetical orderDone
OAR-1271Cart: add a button to clear the list‘Clear list’ button added
OAR-1110CSD-1333Make it be possible to start the edition player automatically with Windows startPossible now with the ‘Auto start’ button at the setting of the editions player
OAR-1214Library > Importer: downloaded album arts are not moved if the items are moved.Solved
OAR-1212Library > Editor > statistics: sorting does not work wellSolved
OAR-1283Player > Settings: make it clear which variables can be used for TCP with a ‘Help’ buttonButton added
OAR-1236CSD-1469Edition players cannot connect to OnAir Spots anymore for fillersSolved
OAR-1284Add a new ‘Placeholder’ command which can act as a non-functional placeholder for live events in clocks.Placeholder command added, they will act as a ‘time-stretcher’ to keep the timings visually correct
OAR-1251CSD-1481Make it optional for https and tcp export of the ‘Playing now’ to send empty lines (in case of jingles / promo’s)Implemented, can be switched on or off in the configuration of the DJ Console
OAR-1129CSD-1348Sometimes no waveform visible in the player after a restart of the playerSolved
OAR-1259TCP is only exporting ‘current’ but should also export ‘previous’ and ‘next’Possible now
OAR-1230After a reload the player should load the ‘clocked’ item instead of loading the item at the ‘absolute’ timeChanged to ‘clocked’ item

Version 7.3.1 – February 10, 2022

Issue IDService Desk IDDescriptionRelease notes
HotfixA issue in the migration tool should be patched.Done

Version 7.3.0 – February 8, 2022

Issue IDService Desk IDDescriptionRelease notes
OAR-1142Library: Adding categories does not always work wellImproved now
OAR-1132In specific situation the news can get in a loop for a few seconds.Solved
OAR-1139CSD-1364Edition player gives an error when a commercial name has more than 100 charactersSolved
OAR-1148CSD-1377Add ‘Year’ field in report ‘Schedule day overview’‘Year’ added to report
OAR-1197Remove the auto-log-out when switching to ‘Auto-relaod’Removed now
OAR-1194In the DJ Console at Config change the Tab ‘Commercial players’ to ‘Editions’Changed
OAR-1195Move the settings for the ‘Break window’ to the ‘Play-out’ sectionMoved now
OAR-1196Move the settings for the edition communication to the new ‘Edition’ Tab.Moved now
OAR-1130CSD-1394System: Impossible to delete historical statistical dataPossible now
OAR-1198CSD-1268Hooks are not well played if dragged form the player to a cartSolved
OAR-1182CSD-1422When removing a few hours from a already scheduled day, these hours cannot be scheduled againSolved, possible now
OAR-1135Without editions, in the player shows ‘Editions’ when the commercial are playing. It should be ‘Commercials’.Changed to ‘Commercials’ now
OAR-1183CSD-1421It should be impossible to have 2 master stationsImpossible now, the other players will automatically switch to non-master
OAR-988Player: preload commercials in the player 4 hours in advance and show the duration of the blocks.Implemented
OAR-1181CSD-1419‘Playing now’ is not correctly updated while playing linked itemsSolved
OAR-1133Improve ‘Reload’ and ‘Autoreload’.Reload and Autoreload now have as option to reload including or excluding the current hour. The ‘auto-logout’ option has been removed.
OAR-1096CSD-1278Sometimes difference in behaviour between the player and mix-editor when moving the voice-track in a special waySolved
OAR-1153CSD-1417, CSD-1373Hooks are gone after upgrade from v6 to v7Solved
OAR-1175CSD-1402Migration v6 to v7: New grid ‘Genre’ was added without valuesSolved
OAR-1177CSD-1401Migration v6 to v7: Planning rules > Category rules > [Station] > Priority of rules are not correctly migratedSolved
OAR-1190Recorded voice-tracks are gone after migrationSolved
OAR-1173CSD-1411Colors of (sub)categories are not converted by the migratorWill be converted now
OAR-1152CSD-196OnAir Radio Player – Now Playing is not always updated correctlySolved
OAR-1207CSD-1441When scheduling for multiple days ahead and a scheduled day is deleted and rescheduled, sometimes more errors will show than in the original scheduled day.Improved now
OAR-1211Player: show the full path and file in red if the audio file of a commercial is missingShown in red now
OAR-1134It should be posible to use the edition player for broadcasting the commercials even if there are no editions.Possible now with a switch in the player configuration
OAR-1209Active / inactive switch is not correctly migratedSolved
OAR-995Player: Show messages in the player in case of problems with the commercialsA set of messages has been added.
OAR-1174CSD-1405Planning rules: sometimes the loading formats takes a long timeSolved
OAR-1150System: deletion of history records not possiblePossible now
OAR-1131CSD-1414The player blinks even when the playlist is not changedSolved

Version 7.2.2 – December 14, 2021

Issue IDService Desk IDDescriptionRelease notes
HotfixApply this fix ASAP. It will apply a patch for a recently
discovered security vulnerability.
This fix can only be applied to version 7. Contact us if you are working with version 6.

Version 7.2.1 – December 1, 2021

Issue IDService Desk IDDescriptionRelease notes
Hotfix In some cases the planner could skip planning rules or show incorrect playlists.Solved

Version 7.2.0 – November 23, 2021

Issue IDService Desk IDDescriptionRelease notes
OAR-1029It should not be possible to delete the last editions or commercial blockImpossible now
OAR-1040Multi player: Add station name to config screenStation name added
OAR-1050When playing chained items, no waveform is visible in the playerWaveform visible now
OAR-1076CSD-1263In some specific cases, the edition player always use the same fillersSolved
OAR-1104CSD-1307If an commercial block is empty, the edition player should not send IP Start and STOP messagesNo messages will be send
OAR-1096CSD-1278Sometimes difference in behaviour between the player and mix-editor when moving the voice-track in a special waySolved
OAR-1111Planner: Add a progress indication to ‘Tools’ > ‘Detect commercial lengths’Progress indicator added
OAR-1103CSD-1305Hooks settings are lost when a hook is dragged from the player to a cartSolved
OAR-1107Make settings of ‘Auto reload’ in config more clearChanged label, changed help text.
OAR-1116CSD-1318Editions without commercials at all are sometimes not correctly filledSolved
OAR-1098Planning rules > Priorities: Rename ‘Period’ to ‘ Yearpart’.Renamed
OAR-1099Custom grids are not showing up in the list of priorities anymoreSolved
OAR-1121Make the network for communication between the player and the editions configurableIt is now possible to chose between networks
OAR-1122Impossible to change the order of artists in the editor, changes are not saved.Solved

Version 7.1.1 – October 21, 2021

Issue IDService Desk IDDescriptionRelease notes
OAR-1052Sometimes no waveform visible in playersSolved
OAR-1027Novation Launchpad MK3 should be supportedLaunchpad MK3 is now supported
OAR-1067Editor: adding a artist to an item adds it 2 times in the artist listSolved
OAR-1068CSD-1249No ‘playing now’ information when ‘linked items’ are playingSolved
OAR-1070Planner > Tools > Detect commercial length: Add auto-refreshAuto-refresh added
OAR-1073Saving of Jingle machines not possible (anymore)Solved
OAR-1069CSD-1250Planner cannot plan again if one or more hours of that day have been planned before.Solved
OAR-1074CSD-1253Report ‘Quick day overview’ shows double lines for items that contains 2 or more artistsSolved

Version 7.1.0 – October 13, 2021

Internal IDSevicedesk IDDescriptionComments
OAR-970Volume: Editor in percent but in Tagged edit items in Db, make all volumes in percentAll in percent now
OAR-960Rename command ‘Start commercial player’ to ‘Start commercial’Command name changed
OAR-1053CSD-1223Player: Avoid that items can be dragged before a playing itemResolved
OAR-977CSD-1219Player > Playlist: Remove the ‘Fade out’ button and move the ‘Stop’ button.Implemented
OAR-978Planning rules > Commercial blocks: Change name of ‘Start commercial block’ to ‘Commercial block’Changed
OAR-422CSD-619Planner: make it possible to minimize the monitor and statistics section. Also: remember the last settings.Implemented
OAR-969Move all information about the audio file to the right of the editorMoved information
OAR-985Make the line in the player with the commercials blueBlue now
OAR-260Make it possible to switch the ‘Master’ with a button in the player. Also: Remove the necessary restart.Button added, no restart necessary anymore
OAR-951Make it possible to start multiple players on 1 machinePossible now with the ‘multi-player’ function
OAR-813Make it possible to send TCP / IP commandsPossible now
OAR-938CSD-1161Make it possible to push the ‘now playing’ JSON file with a http(s) postPossible now (DJ console > Config > Now Playing)
OAR-920CSD-1132Make it possible to move multiple files to another location with the ‘tagged file editor’.Possible now
OAR-25Make it possible for OnAir Radio to recover automatically after an unexpected PC shut-down.Auto-recover added
OAR-751In the playing now, ‘COMMERCIALS’ and ‘NEWS’ are now hard-coded. This should be made configurableConfigurable now at Config in the player
OAR-1032In some cases the player stutters when inserting an item without a pre-generated waveformGeneration of waveforms is made more efficient
OAR-783CSD-952Impossible to remove artists with the same namePossible now
OAR-932CSD-1194Implement a http post connection with Tritonhttp post for Triton implemented
OAR-1061Fillers: ‘Select’ button is next to ‘labels’ but should be next to ‘Fillers’.Button is moved
OAR-1047Filler checkbox not correctly ‘unchecked’.Resolved
OAR-1009Edition player should listen to only 1 masterSolved
OAR-987Deleted clock is only removed from the tree view after a restart of the back-officeSolved
OAR-1023Change the labels of the ‘Actions’ in external communication with mixers to ‘Send’ and ‘Receive’Labels changed
OAR-1041Change command title ‘Import commercials’ to “Commercials”Changed now
OAR-1054CSD-1227Cart stops playing after a few itemsSolved
OAR-1044Artists with the same name are impossible to removePossible now
OAR-939Add a video streamer to the radio playerVideo streamer added
OAR-981Add a setting for the category of commercials in case of no editionsSetting added
OAR-828CSD-1000Add a ‘threshold’ to floating breaks which will remove items that are too much past the floating break.Threshold added to floating breaks
OAR-482Add a ‘normalize’ function to the applicationNormalizing function added to all parts of OnAir Radio
OAR-1055Retrieve chained items does not workWorks now

Version 7.0.0 – June 22,  2021

Issue IDServicedesk IDDescriptionComment
OAR-572Add migration tool for MySQL to PostgreSQLMigration tool added
OAR-696Remove grid number limitation of maximum 11 gridsUnlimited amount of grids possible now
OAR-809System: Put the section tabs in alphabetical orderOrdered now
OAR-805Watch folders: Automated Rules: Show the full category pathShown now
OAR-804Rename ‘Directories’ to ‘Folders’ in SystemRenamed
OAR-785list of daypart and yearparts should be sorted alphabeticallyOrdered now
OAR-870If you ‘move’ a file, the ‘art’ disappearsSolved
OAR-806System: create a separate section for ‘Watch folders’Section created
OAR-868Filter on Moods does not workSolved
OAR-916Change ‘Preroll’ to ‘IN’Done
OAR-873Planner: Sometime some items are used more often than other items‘Randomness’ is much better now
OAR-917Player PFL: Nextpoint should jump to IN position when ‘Align to IN’ is pressedImplemented
OAR-915In the library fade-nextpoint are linked, but in the player they are notSolved
OAR-93Replace the current MySQL database for the latest PostgreSQL dataabseDone, migration tool added
OAR-848Backoffice – Library – All items – Filter “opener = true/false” not workingSolved
OAR-912Updating the duration of an item in the monitor is not correctly reflected in the plannerSolved
OAR-920Make it possible to move multiple files to another location with the ‘tagged file editor’.Possible now
OAR-815When dragging an item to a ‘chain’ it will placed on top of the list instead of in the chainSolved

Version 6.1.0 – March 31,  2021

Issue IDService desk IDDescriptionComment
OAR-784CSD-947Add the ‘Media ID’ in the logs of the edition playersMedia ID is added
OAR-872Error in license check: Depending on configuration it migth show AND enforce an end-of-license at April 30 2021. Upgrade as soon as possible to version 6.1.0Solved in version 6.1.0.
OAR-811Remember the size and position of the commercial playerRemembered now
OAR-746Categories: Hide deselected categories instead of hiding the attached itemsSolved

Version 6.0.6 – January 26,  2021

Issue IDServicedesk IDDescriptionRelease notes
OAR-745System > Security > Change in access to categories sometimes does not work wellSolved
OAR-742Carmen importer: Make it possible to map Tempo to Mood.Possible now
OAR-749CSD-940Setting of ‘Link Nextpoint & Fade Out’ is sometimes not savedSolved
OAR-750CSD-938Formats: changes in mood are sometimes not savedSolved
OAR-782CSD-954Sometimes it is impossible to insert or edit a planning rule in a clockSolved
OAR-789CSD-935Sometimes the Playing Now are not updated correctlySolved
OAR-810Commercial player: Buttons ‘Ok’ and ‘Cancel’ not visible when settings screen is too smallAlways visible now
OAR-814Wrong duration if an category with multiple levels of sub categories is put in a clockSolved
OAR-744In the Carmen db the column ‘uren’ should be mapped to ‘separation’.Solved
OAR-743Carmen import: Artists, Titles and file names with non standard chars are imported but cannot be playedSolved
OAR-757It should be possible to leave the ‘category’ empty at the import.Implemented
OAR-1146CSD-1362Planner: copy and paste part of playlist: sometimes the sequence of the items will be changed up after pasteSolved
OAR-1171CSD-1410Planning rules: ‘max step’ reverts back to 5 after a restartSolved
OAR-1172Planning rules: ‘max step’ should start at 1, not at 0Changed
OAR-1217CSD-1451Commercials appear double after deleting and regenerating part of the playlistSolved
OAR-1206CSD-1443Player: make it possible to edit the TCP port manuallyPossible now
OAR-976CSD-1182Show BPM of item in player (optional)Can be switched on in config
OAR-1117Cannot start RDS anymore, gives db connection errorSolved