Release notes OnAir Radio

Version 7.0.0 – June 22,  2021

Issue IDServicedesk IDDescriptionComment
OAR-572Add migration tool for MySQL to PostgreSQLMigration tool added
OAR-696Remove grid number limitation of maximum 11 gridsUnlimited amount of grids possible now
OAR-809System: Put the section tabs in alphabetical orderOrdered now
OAR-805Watch folders: Automated Rules: Show the full category pathShown now
OAR-804Rename ‘Directories’ to ‘Folders’ in SystemRenamed
OAR-785list of daypart and yearparts should be sorted alphabeticallyOrdered now
OAR-870If you ‘move’ a file, the ‘art’ disappearsSolved
OAR-806System: create a separate section for ‘Watch folders’Section created
OAR-868Filter on Moods does not workSolved
OAR-916Change ‘Preroll’ to ‘IN’Done
OAR-873Planner: Sometime some items are used more often than other items‘Randomness’ is much better now
OAR-917Player PFL: Nextpoint should jump to IN position when ‘Align to IN’ is pressedImplemented
OAR-915In the library fade-nextpoint are linked, but in the player they are notSolved
OAR-93Replace the current MySQL database for the latest PostgreSQL dataabseDone, migration tool added
OAR-848Backoffice – Library – All items – Filter “opener = true/false” not workingSolved
OAR-912Updating the duration of an item in the monitor is not correctly reflected in the plannerSolved
OAR-920Make it possible to move multiple files to another location with the ‘tagged file editor’.Possible now
OAR-815When dragging an item to a ‘chain’ it will placed on top of the list instead of in the chainSolved

Version 6.1.0 – March 31,  2021

Issue IDService desk IDDescriptionComment
OAR-784CSD-947Add the ‘Media ID’ in the logs of the edition playersMedia ID is added
OAR-872Error in license check: Depending on configuration it migth show AND enforce an end-of-license at April 30 2021. Upgrade as soon as possible to version 6.1.0Solved in version 6.1.0.
OAR-811Remember the size and position of the commercial playerRemembered now
OAR-746Categories: Hide deselected categories instead of hiding the attached itemsSolved

Version 6.0.6 – January 26,  2021

Issue IDServicedesk IDDescriptionRelease notes
OAR-745System > Security > Change in access to categories sometimes does not work wellSolved
OAR-742Carmen importer: Make it possible to map Tempo to Mood.Possible now
OAR-749CSD-940Setting of ‘Link Nextpoint & Fade Out’ is sometimes not savedSolved
OAR-750CSD-938Formats: changes in mood are sometimes not savedSolved
OAR-782CSD-954Sometimes it is impossible to insert or edit a planning rule in a clockSolved
OAR-789CSD-935Sometimes the Playing Now are not updated correctlySolved
OAR-810Commercial player: Buttons ‘Ok’ and ‘Cancel’ not visible when settings screen is too smallAlways visible now
OAR-814Wrong duration if an category with multiple levels of sub categories is put in a clockSolved
OAR-744In the Carmen db the column ‘uren’ should be mapped to ‘separation’.Solved
OAR-743Carmen import: Artists, Titles and file names with non standard chars are imported but cannot be playedSolved
OAR-757It should be possible to leave the ‘category’ empty at the import.Implemented