Release notes OnAir Radio

Version 9.8.0 – May 21, 2024

Service desk IDInternal IDDescriptionRelease notes comments
CSD-22205OAR-2118Player: If the 3rd and 4 item overlap the 1st item AND the 2nd items start after the 3rd item, the 3rd item will play till the end instead of the NEXT pointSolved
CSD-2208OAR-2119Player, Planner: fix and improve the rule ‘Align to Intro’ (executed in case the item is shorter than intro of the next item)Solved
CSD-2224OAR-2125Player: when the IN point of the second item is trimmed, the first item does not disappear after a STOP in manual modeSolved
CSD-2225OAR-2123Player: the ‘Now playing’ is not updated when an item is started manually after a floating break.Solved
OAR-2167At ‘Help’, add a link to the release notes of OnAir RadioAdded

Version 9.7.1 – March 28, 2024

Service desk IDInternal IDDescriptionRelease notes comments
CSD-2100OAR-2113Player: ‘Autoplay’ does not work correctly if switched on after the absolute time of the floating break has passed, it will not skip the items in the ‘overflow’.Solved
CSD-1909OAR-2117Player: commercial importer does not work if the ‘unique ID’ is omitted from the CSV log.Solved

Version 9.7.0 – March 12, 2024

Service desk IDInternal IDDescriptionRelease notes comments
CSD-2164OAR-2082Player: nextpoint is not obeyed when an item with an ‘Align to intro’ creates a space between the first and third item.Solved
CSD-2137OAR-2078Player> PFL: PFL should never start automatically when player is in ‘Autoplay’.Solved
MultipleOAR-2080License: even if the license key is valid, the system sometimes indicates that the software is ‘End of life’Solved. Install 9.7.0 if you experience this issue.
CSD-2158OAR-2079Player: floating break not respected when its time is passed in manual mode and a new item is startedSolved
CSD-2137OAR-2077Player: it should be possible to stop PFL on the first item in AutoplayPossible now
OAR-2059DJ Console: change ‘Config’ to ‘Settings’Changed
OAR-1428DJ Console > Jingle player: add support for Elgato Streamdeck.Elgato Streamdeck is now supported (all models).

Version 9.6.6 – February 1, 2024

Service desk IDInternal IDDescriptionRelease notes comments
CSD-2118OAR-2061Player > Now Playing > RDS: the RDS txt file is not updated when the previous file does not have RDS.Solved
CSD-2128OAR-2063Player: cache is not correctly updated after a ‘set position’ and consequently a waveform is not shownSolved
OAR-2065Player: sometimes only 1 waveform is loaded or no waveform at all.Solved
CSD-2134OAR-2069Sometimes the multiplayer does not startSolved
CSD-2137OAR-2070Player > PFL sometimes behaves incorrectly when using the mouse and SPACE togetherSolved

Version 9.6.5 – January 16, 2024

Service desk IDInternal IDDescriptionRelease notes comments
CSD-1676OAR-1508Player: sweepers/jingles sometimes not played.Solved
CSD-1823OAR-1681Mix-editor: make it possible to show more than 3 tracks at start-up.Possible now (via settings)
CSD-1922OAR-1847Player: Sometimes 3rd item is not played in a block of 4 (when start is after nextpoint).Solved
OAR-1887Player: sometimes second item in a block is not audible when start time of first item is after start-time of second item.Solved
CSD-1662OAR-1974Mix-editor: it should be possible to move the items above the bottom one freely without dragging other items.Implemented
OAR-2012Mix-editor: Add ‘send actions’ (Play / Stop) to digital consoles.Implemented
OAR-2011PFL section of the search screen: add ‘send’ actions for Play and Stop) to digital consoles.Implemented
OAR-2010Carts: Add ‘send’ actions for ‘Play’ and ‘Stop’ to digital consoles.Implemented
OAR-2002Decrease log size in case of faulty commercial import. Get rid of unnecessary lines.Done
OAR-2009Any new PFL should stop an already running PFL in the player or cartsImplemented
OAR-2007Use a smaller ‘Play / Pause’ button for the PFL sectionsDone
CSD-1698OAR-1541Sometimes the PFL-player starts with a delaySolved
CSD-2082OAR-2022Implement PFL toggle for player and carts, so only 1 PFL is allowed to playImplemented
CSD-2081OAR-2025Doubleclick should not start or stop the cartDone
OAR-2026Cannot use ‘Autoplay’ when first item is ‘Play from line-in command’.Solved
OAR-2027Mix-editor: only newly insert items should be able to move freelyImplemented
CSD-2090OAR-2030Player: add 3 possibilities to have items fading: 1. before a command 2. before commercial break 3 before incoming STOP signalImplemented (via Config)
OAR-2032Block external STOP message when cart is in AutoplayBlocked now
OAR-2033Player: sometimes no waveform in player A or BSolved
OAR-2050Update startup parametersUpdated
OAR-2012Mix-editor: Add ‘send actions’ (Play / Stop) to digital consolesImplemented
CSD-1698OAR-2020Sometimes small delay when clicking the next item in PFLSolved
CSD-2125OAR-2056Player: in some situation a pre-recorded voice-track is skippedSolved

Version 9.5.1 – October 4, 2023

Service desk IDInternal IDDescriptionRelease notes comments
CSD-2033OAR-1981Multi-player sometimes does not fill correctly when using a ‘fixed break’ combined with a ‘Fixed break FIT’.Solved
OAR-1983At fillers the ‘select’ button is only visible with multiple stations and multiple editions. It should also be visible with 1 station and multiple editions.Solved

Version 9.5.0 – September 19, 2023

Attention: this version only works well with Windows 10, update 22H2 or higher

Service desk IDInternal IDDescriptionRelease notes comments
CSD-1808OAR-1646Refresh rate of checking potential problems with commercial logs should be increased.Increased now
CSD-1809OAR-1698Player: make it possible to start ‘Autoplay’ with a function key (F9).Implemented
OAR-1790Duck level should be passed from VT command to mix-editorSolved
CSD-1959OAR-1869General: improvements in memory management for better performanceImplemented
OAR-1873Planner: sometimes the grid rules are not obeyedSolved
CSD-1983OAR-1879The as-run log generated by the player is not correctly updated when playing linked itemsSolved
CSD-1906OAR-1889Player > Config > HTTP post function: add start-time and IN point to outputAdded
CSD-2003OAR-1941Library > batch edit items: it is not possible to replace an artist (anymore). Adding an artist is possible.Solved
OAR-1944Player: played commercials should be logged in the as run (now there is only a reference).Logged in detail now
OAR-1945Player: warning should be shown if a commercial block contains a commercial with a missing fileWarning is shown
OAR-1946Player: warning when a commercial file is missing is showing wrong extension (wma).Now
CSD-1909OAR-1953Edition player: make it possible to save as-run logs with a custom prefix.Possible now in the configuration of the edition player
OAR-1954Player > Config > HTTP post function: make it possible to select which types are sentDrop-down added for ‘type’ selection
CSD-1909OAR-1958Add a unique UID to the as-run commercial log when using traffic software that uses this unique IDUID added

Version 9.4.0 – June 13, 2023

Service desk IDInternal IDDescriptionRelease notes
OAR-1813Library > Editor > Statistics: station filter does not workWorks (again)
CSD-1847OAR-1797Planning rules: Rule ‘Hour rotation’ does not work well sometimesSolved
OAR-1814Editor > Schedule report: add explanation about the contentExplanation added
CSD-1857OAR-1792Planning rules: Rule ‘Same Hour’ does not always work wellSolved
OAR-1817Planning rules: make the difference more clear between ‘Daypart rotation’ and ‘Hour rotation’.Improved now
OAR-1815Planner: add a column that specifies if an item has been added by the scheduler or manuallyColumn added
OAR-1816Planner: add a column that specifies which clock has been used to schedule the itemColumn added
CSD-1745OAR-1573Planning rules: ‘Grid’ rule does not work sometimesSolved
CSD-1930OAR-1857Due to a bug in version 9.3.0 it sometimes happen that the editions don’t fill correctly.Solved
OAR-1860Mix-editor: increase the size of the ‘Play’ and ‘Record’ buttons.Size increased
OAR-1861Mix-editor: when a voice-track template with the option ‘Align to intro’ is used, the recorded voicetrack should snap to the intro as soon as the recording is finished.Implemented
OAR-27Planning Rules: Improve Max in hour en Min apart, value ’99’ should be valid only for 1 line, instead of the whole sectionDone

Version 9.3.0 – May 9, 2023

Service desk IDInternal IDDescriptionRelease notes
CSD-1843OAR-1805Planner: tool ‘Detect commercial lenght’ sometimes shows wrong duration of commercial block.Solved
OAR-1470Editor > add function: force fade out to always have the default duration.Function added
CSD-1890OAR-1808Editions: when having many editions divided on multiple pc’s sometimes 1 editions stops calculating during first start-up and will not be filled correctly.Solved
CSD-1893, CSD-1884OAR-1884Running OnAir Radio on an outdated Windows version can cause the player to crash suddenly.Cause: old Windows system file ‘ntdll.dll’ (from before 2021). Solution: install latest Windows update
CSD-1844OAR-1801Edition player: not all fillers are used evenly for the edition playersImproved distribution
CSD-1873OAR-1791Mix-editor: when the command ‘align to intro’ is used for a voice-track template, it is not possible to pre-listen to the next itemSolved

Version 9.2.0 – May 2, 2023

Service desk IDInternal IDDescriptionRelease notes
OAR-1793DJ Console > Config > E-mail notification: change label ‘missing item’ into ‘missing file’.Changed
CSD-1814OAR-1651Edition player: add a mail warning system in case of missing files and other possible errors.Mail warning system added
CSD-1880OAR-1799Cue point that are set in the library are not always obeyed (anymore) in the planner and player.Solved
OAR-1790Duck level should be passed from VT command to mix-editor.Solved
CSD-1701OAR-1800In some circumstances, the artist separation does not work correctly.Solved
CSD-1854OAR-1794Player: last played window is not working after a few hours. Manual Refresh is needed.Solved
OAR-1789Mix-editor > voice-track command: ‘align to intro’ should be set manually.Manual now
CSD-1813OAR-1657Edition player: fillers from OnAir Spots should be available for the edition player, even if the OnAir Spots database is offline.Implemented

Version 9.1.0 – April 11, 2023

Service desk IDInternal IDDescriptionRelease notes
CSD-1862OAR-1785Remove erroneous message about end of license in 9.0.0.Solved
CSD-1863OAR-1784Automatically playing recorded items from logger sometimes does not work anymore.Solved
CSD-1861OAR-1782Sometimes external streams do not start anymore and will be skipped.Solved
OAR-1783A crash caused by outdated drivers of an attached Novation Launchpad can cause the player to crash.Solved

Version 9.0.0 – March 28, 2023

Service desk IDInternal IDDescriptionRelease notes
OAR-1755Improve memory usage of back-office.Improved now
CSD-1391OAR-1151Missing playlist e-mail notification not working.Works now
OAR-1757Editor: If ‘Next in’ is pressed, the nextpoint is set at 0. If ‘Next in’ is disabled again, the nextpoint should be set at it normal position again, but it stays at 0.Solved
OAR-1678Implement new audio engine.Implemented
OAR-1717Upgrade OnAir Radio to the latest development platform.Upgraded
OAR-1760Player: information button is not working (anymore).Solved
CSD-1668OAR-1753If the ducking is switched off in the mix-editor in the planner, it will still be executed in the player sometimes.Solved
OAR-1735Player: change message when no items have been found in commercials log for more clarity.Message changed
OAR-1731Improve the lay-out of the cue-point analyzer for more clarity.Improved
OAR-1743Cart player: ‘Autoplay’ causes 2 items to play at the same time when ‘set position’ is used.Solved
OAR-1749Player: PFL monitor: sometimes a change of the fade-out is not executed in the player.Solved
OAR-1745Cart player: Sometimes the progress bar of the playing item increases, decreases and increases again in the first moments of playing an item.Solved
OAR-1746Cart player: play button looks like it is disabled, change the color.Color is Lime green now
OAR-1744Cart player: if a ‘set position’ has been set, it should be possible to remove it.Possible now
OAR-1740Library > Editor: audio reconfiguration executed only after restart of library.Executed instantly now
OAR-1773DJ Console: mail warning system: add a check and mail warning for a disconnected edition player.Added

Version 8.8.0 – February 21, 2023

Internal IDService desk IDDescriptionRelease notes
OAR-1682Improve the efficiency and layout of the cue-point analyzer.Done
OAR-1701When the cue-point analyzer is started from the ‘tagged items’, the selection should be put on ‘All tagged items’ automatically.Done
OAR-1699It should not be possible to open multiple instances of the cue-point analyzer.Solved
OAR-1700The lay-out and settings of the ‘Settings’ in the editor and the cue-point analzyer should be the same.Same now
OAR-1666CSD-1819When using 2 screens: the position of the mix-editor is not remembered when the DJ Console is closed.Position is now remembered in all situations
OAR-1641CSD-1801, CSD-1757DJ console might get slow with many items (25.000 or more) in the database and much searching.Improved
OAR-1662When the mix-editor is minimized and it will be called, it should open on its previous size and position.Implemented
OAR-1679Mix-editor: cue-points should be grey, volume points white.Grey and white now
OAR-1702Cue-point analyzer: add as an option that the fade-out time always has a fixed duration instead of a calculated optimal duration.Implemented as an option
OAR-1703Library > Editor: Implement ‘fixed fade-out time’ in the settings.Implemented
OAR-1625Radiohub importer: add more feedback after importing.Message-box with feedback added
OAR-1728When logged out, it should not be possible to open the log-in screen multiple times.Solved
OAR-1710Multi-player should not need a login at autostartSolved
OAR-1624Radiohub importer does not always work well.It would overwrite items with empty slugs. Solved.
OAR-1727Multi-player: at first start, all multi-players should start at different positions for better visibilty.Implemented
OAR-1713Make it possible to reset all normalizations to 0.Option added to cue-point analyzer

Version 8.7.2 – January 24, 2023

Attention: OnAir WebX version 8.2.0 will not work with OnAir Radio 8.7.1. You need Onair WebX version 8.3.0 which will be released on January 24, 2023

Internal IDService desk IDDescriptionRelease notes
OAR-1691Upon generation of new playlistS, the fade-out is not always the same as in the editor.Solved
OAR-1688Cue-point analyzer sometimes generates wrong fade-outs.Solved
OAR-1695CSD-1825Reports ‘Played Items in period’ sometimes has duplicate items.Solved

Version 8.7.1 – January 20, 2023

Attention: OnAir WebX version 8.2.0 will not work with OnAir Radio 8.7.1. You need Onair WebX version 8.3.0 which will be released on January 24, 2023

Internal IDService desk IDDescriptionRelease notes
OAR-1684Due to a small bug in access right, it is not possible to add a new item with the editor.Solved
OAR-1686Due to a small bug in access right, it is not possible to add a new items with the importer.Solved

Version 8.7.0 – January 18, 2023

Attention: OnAir WebX version 8.2.0 will not work with OnAir Radio 8.7.0. You need Onair WebX version 8.3.0 which will be released on January 24, 2023

Internal IDService desk IDDescriptionRelease notes
OAR-1635CSD-1792RDS data cannot be edited in the editor (anymore)Possible (again)
OAR-1647In some cases playlists are not generated correctly after a migration from version 7.60 or lower to version 8.6.0Solved
OAR-1648‘Insert item’ screen in the back-office should be ‘on top’ always.Done
OAR-1659CSD-1804Sometimes wrong cue-points in recently downloaded news items.Solved
OAR-1643CSD-1803Replacing an item in Windows Explorer, bypassing OnAir Radio, sometimes causes wrong cue-points.Solved
OAR-1604CSD-1755Volume drop in mix-editor and player when the OUT point is moved in the mix-editor and then back to its original position.Solved
OAR-1666CSD-1819The position of the mix-editor is not remembered when the DJ Console is closed.Position is now remembered in all situations
OAR-1676Mix-editor: the yellow marker in the mix-editor should always be at the first cue-point by default, also after a refresh.Solved
OAR-1664Auto-start checkbox cannot be switched on (anymore).This seems to be caused by an update of Windows. The issue is under investigation. Temporarily solution if it does not work: In the Windows menu bar, in ‘Search’ type ‘Run’. The Run app opens. Type: ‘shell:startup’. A folder opens. Copy the shortcut for the OnAir DJ Console on your desktop into this folder. Close the folder. It will now work.
OAR-1633CSD-1777Player: [SPACE] should only start or stop the PFL and should not have other functions.Solved
OAR-1644CSD-1799DJ Console: order of columns in the ‘search item’ screen are not remembered after closing the DJ Console.Order is always remembered now

Version 8.6.0 – December 13, 2022

Service desk ID
Internal IDDescriptionRelease notes
OAR-1612When you use the mix-editor to do an insert after the first item, the start time of the first item and the inserted items will become the same. This should not happen.Solved
CSD-1755OAR-1604Volume drop in mix-editor and player when the OUT point is moved in the mix-editor and then back to its original position.Solved
CSD-1781OAR-1622Player not correctly updated visually when a item starts before the next item in the playlist.Solved
OAR-1627Chained items are visually not correctly updated in the player when changes have been made in the mix-editorSolved
OAR-1618Cart player: wrong icon on fade buttonCorrected
CSD-1783OAR-1615The position and size of the mix-editor should be rememberedRemembered now
OAR-1628If an item is playing in a cart player and you select the item, the progress bar is not visible anymore.Visible now
OAR-1629If an item is playing in the player and you select the item, the progress bar is not visible anymore.Visible now
CSD-1782OAR-1616Due to a bug in 8.5.0 the menu of the cart player sometimes disappearsSolved
CSD-1780OAR-1623Mix editor: sometimes an inserted item gets the same start-time as the item before it.Solved
CSD-1779, CSD-1654OAR-1480Make it possible to edit the first item in the playlist in the mix-editorPossible now
OAR-1609System > Integration > The radiohub: impossible to remove headers once they are created.Possible now
OAR-1610System > Integration > the Radiohub: imported items should be placed in the commercials category automatically.A selection box for categories is added.
CSD-1758OAR-1614Player is visually not correctly updated in Autoplay mode when changes are made in the mix-editorUpdated now
CSD-1786OAR-1626Mix-editor: improve the function of the Play / Pause buttonImproved now
CSD-1784OAR-1620Invert colors of selected items for beter readabilityColours inverted

Version 8.5.0 – December 1, 2022

Internal IDService desk IDDescriptionRelease notes comments
OAR-1593CSD-1762Changed cue-points are reverted after a change in daypart.Solved
OAR-1582Add method ‘GET’ for the https ‘now playing’ function.Function ‘Get’ added
OAR-1599CSD-1764Sometimes while editing cue-points the cue-points may change if the attached file is moved to another location.Solved
OAR-1600CSD-1763Library > editor: the button ‘Move file’ stays active causing Windows explorer to open when pressing the space-bar.Solved
OAR-1594Player: make the border of a selected item red if the attached file cannot be found.Done
OAR-1583DJ Console > Config > Cache: add 3 options for the cache and add an explanation at each option.Added
OAR-1601Player: change the colour of some buttons for better contrastColour changed
OAR-1585System > Job Scheduler: sometimes jobs are not visible in the overview (but they are running).Solved
OAR-1595Player: remove different coloured border at selected rowBorder same colour now
OAR-1584DJ Console > Config > Cache: add a checkbox for using the default location of the cache.Checkbox added
OAR-1488CSD-725Decrease the minimum size of the title from 2 characters to 1 character.Done
OAR-1597CSD-1761Library > editor > arts: remember the last used folder.Remembered now
OAR-1589Logs in the archive are gone after an updateSolved, all archived logs will be kept
OAR-1407Add an importer for commercials from ‘The RadioHub’ ( added (System > Integrations)
OAR-1608Editions cannot not filled up in the month of december due to a date bug.Solved

Version 8.4.0 – October 25, 2022

Internal IDService desk IDDescriptionRelease notes comments
OAR-777CSD-932When copying a hour, also copy and paste recorded voice-tracksRecorded voice-tracks are copied and pasted now
OAR-1553CSD-1714, CSD-1715Library > Cue-point analyzer: sometimes an error is thrown ‘unknown exception…’Solved
OAR-1554File watcher: sometimes ‘Import items’ button does not workSolved
OAR-1550Mix-editor / Editor: make the fade-out stay at the same relative distance from the OUTDone
OAR-1543If the rules ‘Daypart’ or ‘Yearpart’ are broken, the warning will mention ‘Broken period’Warnings are split now in ‘Daypart broken’ or ‘Yearpart broken’
OAR-929The values in the dropdown should change.Changed now
OAR-924Improve the lay-out of the recorder and add VU metersImproved, VU meters added
OAR-1391CSD-1560Player: make the rows in the player a bit smaller so more rows fit on the screenDone
OAR-925It should be possible to give recorders a name and the name should appear in the taskbarPossible now to give recorders a name
OAR-1551Mix-editor: Make the next item stick to the next-point againReverted
OAR-1552CSD-1728, CSD-1722Library > Import does not work if you chose ‘none’ at cue-point selectionSolved
OAR-222CSD-428Stream continues to play after a fixed breakSolved
OAR-1475Every time an item is played in the player, its edit date will be updated to the played date and time.Solved
OAR-566CSD-767Settings > Security: make it possible to check or uncheck main categoriesPossible now
OAR-748CSD-929Settings > Security: when all sub-categories are unchecked, the main category should not be visisble either.Solved, but due to a database setting it will be necessary to first select all categories and then do the selection again.
OAR-1273CSD-1444Make it possible to manually export parts of the playlist as XMLPossible now per hour
OAR-845Library > importer: if an artist name contains more than 200 chars you will get an errorSolved
OAR-1564Mix-editor: add a warning if the default folder for voice-tracks does not existWarning added
OAR-1565Editor: add a warning if the default folder for voice-tracks does not existwarning added
OAR-828CSD-1000Add a ‘threshold’ to floating breaks which will cut off items that will play past the threshold of the floating breakThreshold added to floating breaks
OAR-1446CSD-1543Add to job scheduler: ‘detect commercial length’Added to job scheduler
OAR-1566New layout for player: more lines in playlist, ‘flat’ designLayout changed
OAR-1568CSD-1739, CSD-1747Library > editor: fade-out will disappear after downloading art if not saved beforeSolved
OAR-1567CSD-1749Changes for the command ‘Play audio directly form a line put’ are not saved correctlySolved
OAR-1493OAR-1562, CSD-1748, CSD-1682Show the column ‘BPM’ in the library and the ‘insert item’ screenColumn ‘BPM’ added to library and insert screen

Version 8.3.0 – October 4, 2022

Internal IDService Desk IDDescriptionRelease notes
OAR-1499Command for switching line-input does not work anymoreworks again
OAR-1519CSD-1693Remote players not picking up future playlists in version 8.2.0Solved
OAR-1504At the command ‘Play audio directly from line input’, the settings for the length are not saved.Solved
OAR-1479Improve moving items in the playerImproved
OAR-1496Library: filter does not work anymore in 8.2.0Solved
OAR-1501Importer: remember last chosen destinationRemembered now
OAR-1474Cue-point analyzer ‘update lenght only’ does not work correctly when a file is replaced by a shorter versionSolved
OAR-1424Give better visual feedback when the general volume of an item is changedWaveforms are adapted now
OAR-1512CSD-1655, CSD-1663Mixeditor: moving the IN point should not cause the whole waveform to move, but should move the nextpoint of the previous itemImplemented
OAR-1513CSD-1655, CSD-1662Mix editor: inserted tracks should be able to move freelyImplemented
OAR-1539Moving tagged items does not move the album artsSolved, album art also moved now
OAR-1534CSD-1703Library > Artists: Reports ‘Scheduled items for artist’ does not workWorks again
OAR-1526CSD-1336Libary > Filter ‘Type’ is not workingSolved
OAR-1485Do not reserve the default length of a voicetrack in the mix editorNot reserved anymore
OAR-1527CSD-1696When moving an item in the mix editor, the cursor jumps back sometimes while playingSolved
OAR-1537Avoid that the whole menu bar is moving when pressing ‘Play’ or ‘Pause’.Solved
OAR-1427Add more used-oriented logging in the playerMore logging added
OAR-1502CSD-1574, CSD-1639Library: sometimes the filter button does not workSolved
OAR-1500Importer: leave the default source folder emptySolved
OAR-1505Library > importer: add the option: ‘detect cue-points’ and switch it on by defaultOption added
OAR-1492CSD-1680Library > batch edit screen: ‘Ok’ and ‘Cancel’ buttons not visible at some low resolutionsVisible now at low resolutions
OAR-1525CSD-1694Planning rules: Floating categories do not work anymoreSolved
OAR-1533Library > Filter: Artist should not be case sensitiveSolved
OAR-1333CSD-1537Library > Artists > Artist separation > ‘use default separation’ is not switched off when using individual separationSolved
OAR-1523Library > editor: Make the fade in and fade out buttons white instead of light grey.Done
OAR-1486Mix-editor: Assign and show short-cuts for some buttons in mix editorDone
OAR-1482CSD-1661Mix-editor: Add ‘Save & close’ button next to the ‘Save’ buttonButton added
OAR-1484OAR-1512, CSD-1667cannot use a shortcut for starting next items in mixeditor anymoreAssigned to [space] now
OAR-1535Speed up the caching mechanismDone
OAR-1468CSD-1607Fillers should obey ‘daypart’, ‘yearpart’, ‘start on’ and ‘end on’ rulesRules added
OAR-1062CSD-1224Make it possible to operate the jingle player in ‘Mix’ or ‘Stop’ modeFunction implemented
OAR-802CSD-950It should be possible to move items in batchAlready possible, improved now
OAR-1528Mix editor: move buttons to a more logical placeButtons moved

Version 8.2.0 – August 23, 2022

Internal IDService Desk IDDescriptionRelease notes
OAR-1471CSD-1642Mix-editor: the IN point moves at mouse-releaseSolved
OAR-1469Fade-in should be reset to 0 with the ‘detect cue-points’ functionDone
OAR-1464Monitor detects cue-points not in the same way as the editorSolved
OAR-1467CSD-1630Editor and mix-editor: moving IN point creates a fade-in.Solved
OAR-1466CSD-1612After a hook has been moved 2 times in the playlist, the item next to the hook will get the duration of the hook.Solved
OAR-1472CSD-1636When using the auto-duck function in the mix-editor, the volume starts at 100% and then goes down to 0% and only then fades in.Solved
OAR-1477Editor: after setting the OUT point with F10, the nextpoint will be moved to the same position as the OUT pointSolved
OAR-1473Replacing a file in Windows explorer (bypassing OnAir Radio) is not handled correctlyAll okay now

Version 8.1.0 – July 25, 2022

Internal IDService Desk IDDescriptionRelease notes
OAR-1445PFL starts at beginning of file instead at IN (planner, player, carts)Solved
OAR-1460After importing items, fades are sometimes not correctSolved
OAR-1445Sometimes PFL mix-editor plays on the wrong channel
OAR-1451Some more performance improvementsSolved
OAR-1241CSD-1456Sometimes the player switches to the wrong sound device after edition players are finishedSolved
OAR-1450CSD-1620Sometimes the edition players are playing, but this is not shown in the player. After finishing they sometimes start again.Solved

Version 8.0.4 – July 20, 2022

Internal IDService Desk IDDescriptionRelease notes
OAR-1440CSD-1613, CSD-1615Error when deleting multiple items from the planner.Solved
OAR-1441CSD-1616Mix-editor: the button ‘record’ needs to be pressed twice if the next item is a ‘start commercials’ command.Solved
OAR-1442Change ‘in’, ‘out’ and ‘fade’ in labels mix editor settings screenChanged
OAR-1443CSD-1617Player: external stream does not stop on scheduled time when next item is a news itemSolved
OAR-1448CSD-1608Copy – Paste in Planner causes an errorSolved
OAR-1452CSD-1614Performance issues in version 8 because of some memory leaksSolved
OAR-1457CSD-1252Batch track editor too big on some resolutionSmaller now

Version 8.0.3 (patch) – July 12, 2022

Internal IDService Desk IDDescriptionRelease notes
OAR-1438Volume points not correct if files have been replaced using Windows explorer instead of the editor.Use the cue-point analyzer in version 8.0.3 to fix the replaced files and its durations.

Version 8.0.2 (patch) – July 8, 2022

Internal IDService Desk IDDescriptionRelease notes
OAR-1436CSD-1606A bug in the migration from version 7 to version 8 caused some fades in items in existing playlists to get a duration of 0. The items itself are not affected. Making new playlists will solve the issue. The bug has been solved for future migrations.Solved

Version 8.0.1 (patch) – July 4, 2022

Internal IDService Desk IDDescriptionRelease notes
OAR-1430Sometimes commercials are loaded double in the playerSolved
OAR-1431Sometimes commercials are played silently in the playerSolved

Version 8.0.0 – June 28, 2022

Internal IDService Desk IDDescriptionRelease notes
OAR-1429Replace the current mix-editor with a brand new mix-editorNew mix-editor ready and released!
OAR-954Make the use of volume points possible in the mix-editor, editor, monitor and playerPossible now to use volume-points
OAR-200Add a ‘fade-in’ button in the mix-editor for quickly setting a fade-in.Fade-in button added
OAR-1359Library > Editor > make it possible to play a recording at 2x or 4x the original speed.Possible now
OAR-1166Remove the ‘insert Voicetrack’ button from the player menuRemoved: it now can be handled within the mix-editor

Version 7.6.0 – May 31, 2022

Internal IDService Desk IDDescriptionRelease notes
OAR-1372Sometimes the logs can grow very bigSolved
OAR-1373Sometimes multiple commercials are playing togetherSolved
OAR-1369If you drag an item from the Windows Explorer into the playlist of the player, the play-time is always 5 seconds.Solved
OAR-1312CSD-1497Autoplay disabled during commercialsEnabled now
OAR-1319No Autoreload possible on commercials if item before was manual startedPossible now
OAR-1275Player > https > label of content type not completely readableFixed
OAR-1374CSD-1572‘Advanced’ option in ‘insert planning rules’ are sometimes not workingSolved
OAR-1363CSD-1483Items with ‘Planned Airing’ are not always scheduledFixed

Version 7.5.0 – May 17, 2022

Internal IDService Desk IDDescriptionRelease notes
OAR-1328Add more detailed info in the technical logsMore actions and info is written to the technical logs
OAR-1306CSD-1524Playing now: when a jingle is linked to an item, the jingle is also written to the ‘playing now’Solved
OAR-1345‘Reload’ or ‘Autoreload’ does not work for the next day just after loading the next day’s playlistSolved
OAR-1360CSD-1548In some circumstances files in the cache can get locked and cannot be played for a second timeFixed
OAR-1332CSD-1523In some circumstances the planner will take a long time for generating a playlistPlanner speed has increased by a factor 8
OAR-1027Colors of Launchpad MK3 not always correctAll correct now
OAR-1314CSD-1487In some circumstances the commercial block plays at the same time as the first item after the commercial blockPatch applied

Version 7.4.0 – April 12, 2022

Internal IDService Desk IDDescriptionRelease notes
OAR-1235Migration to 7: category not migrated for command ‘dynamic pingle’Solved
OAR-1252Sometimes the ‘Auto-reload’ reloads the playlist without any changes in the plannerSolved
OAR-1228Editor: Impossible to change the BPM value manuallySolved
OAR-1253CSD-1479The message ‘Could not find file’ does not go away after file has been found for news tracksSolved
OAR-1255Recorded voictrack shows incorrect message ‘no file attached to item found’Solved
OAR-1237CSD-1467Reports – Played items in period not workingWorks again
OAR-1257CSD-1489Insert similar artist does not work (anymore)Solved
OAR-1227CSD-1182Make it optional to show the BPM value of an item in then playerCan be switched on or off in config > interface now
OAR-1258CSD-1486TCP is not exporting NEWS or COMMERCIALSExported now
OAR-1243CSD-1439Edition filling: not enough variation for ‘standard’ itemsFiller algorithm is now adapted
OAR-1265The JSON playlist is not exported anymoreSolved
OAR-1226Player: small readability improvement in the ‘information’ screen’sDone
OAR-1267CSD-1492Sometimes items in the carts are greyed outSolved
OAR-1263CSD-1437Planner: sometimes there are double values in the ‘quick day report’Solved
OAR-1264Make it possible to schedule the XML exportPossible now at System > Job scheduling
OAR-1272CSD-1496Sometimes short period of silence can occur when edition players are shut down during broadcastSolved
OAR-1268Add a ‘Content-Type header’ to the https POST in the playerPossible now to add a custom header
OAR-1270When a hook is dragged from the player to a cart, all durations are shown as 00:00:00.Solved
OAR-1008Improve ‘Edit file path’ in ‘batch edit items’Improved: multiple options now
OAR-1269Sometimes fillers are not placed before a fixed breaks.Solved
OAR-1031Put the tabs in ‘system’ in alphabetical orderDone
OAR-1271Cart: add a button to clear the list‘Clear list’ button added
OAR-1110CSD-1333Make it be possible to start the edition player automatically with Windows startPossible now with the ‘Auto start’ button at the setting of the editions player
OAR-1214Library > Importer: downloaded album arts are not moved if the items are moved.Solved
OAR-1212Library > Editor > statistics: sorting does not work wellSolved
OAR-1283Player > Settings: make it clear which variables can be used for TCP with a ‘Help’ buttonButton added
OAR-1236CSD-1469Edition players cannot connect to OnAir Spots anymore for fillersSolved
OAR-1284Add a new ‘Placeholder’ command which can act as a non-functional placeholder for live events in clocks.Placeholder command added, they will act as a ‘time-stretcher’ to keep the timings visually correct
OAR-1251CSD-1481Make it optional for https and tcp export of the ‘Playing now’ to send empty lines (in case of jingles / promo’s)Implemented, can be switched on or off in the configuration of the DJ Console
OAR-1129CSD-1348Sometimes no waveform visible in the player after a restart of the playerSolved
OAR-1259TCP is only exporting ‘current’ but should also export ‘previous’ and ‘next’Possible now
OAR-1230After a reload the player should load the ‘clocked’ item instead of loading the item at the ‘absolute’ timeChanged to ‘clocked’ item

Version 7.3.1 – February 10, 2022

Issue IDService Desk IDDescriptionRelease notes
HotfixA issue in the migration tool should be patched.Done

Version 7.3.0 – February 8, 2022

Issue IDService Desk IDDescriptionRelease notes
OAR-1142Library: Adding categories does not always work wellImproved now
OAR-1132In specific situation the news can get in a loop for a few seconds.Solved
OAR-1139CSD-1364Edition player gives an error when a commercial name has more than 100 charactersSolved
OAR-1148CSD-1377Add ‘Year’ field in report ‘Schedule day overview’‘Year’ added to report
OAR-1197Remove the auto-log-out when switching to ‘Auto-relaod’Removed now
OAR-1194In the DJ Console at Config change the Tab ‘Commercial players’ to ‘Editions’Changed
OAR-1195Move the settings for the ‘Break window’ to the ‘Play-out’ sectionMoved now
OAR-1196Move the settings for the edition communication to the new ‘Edition’ Tab.Moved now
OAR-1130CSD-1394System: Impossible to delete historical statistical dataPossible now
OAR-1198CSD-1268Hooks are not well played if dragged form the player to a cartSolved
OAR-1182CSD-1422When removing a few hours from a already scheduled day, these hours cannot be scheduled againSolved, possible now
OAR-1135Without editions, in the player shows ‘Editions’ when the commercial are playing. It should be ‘Commercials’.Changed to ‘Commercials’ now
OAR-1183CSD-1421It should be impossible to have 2 master stationsImpossible now, the other players will automatically switch to non-master
OAR-988Player: preload commercials in the player 4 hours in advance and show the duration of the blocks.Implemented
OAR-1181CSD-1419‘Playing now’ is not correctly updated while playing linked itemsSolved
OAR-1133Improve ‘Reload’ and ‘Autoreload’.Reload and Autoreload now have as option to reload including or excluding the current hour. The ‘auto-logout’ option has been removed.
OAR-1096CSD-1278Sometimes difference in behaviour between the player and mix-editor when moving the voice-track in a special waySolved
OAR-1153CSD-1417, CSD-1373Hooks are gone after upgrade from v6 to v7Solved
OAR-1175CSD-1402Migration v6 to v7: New grid ‘Genre’ was added without valuesSolved
OAR-1177CSD-1401Migration v6 to v7: Planning rules > Category rules > [Station] > Priority of rules are not correctly migratedSolved
OAR-1190Recorded voice-tracks are gone after migrationSolved
OAR-1173CSD-1411Colors of (sub)categories are not converted by the migratorWill be converted now
OAR-1152CSD-196OnAir Radio Player – Now Playing is not always updated correctlySolved
OAR-1207CSD-1441When scheduling for multiple days ahead and a scheduled day is deleted and rescheduled, sometimes more errors will show than in the original scheduled day.Improved now
OAR-1211Player: show the full path and file in red if the audio file of a commercial is missingShown in red now
OAR-1134It should be posible to use the edition player for broadcasting the commercials even if there are no editions.Possible now with a switch in the player configuration
OAR-1209Active / inactive switch is not correctly migratedSolved
OAR-995Player: Show messages in the player in case of problems with the commercialsA set of messages has been added.
OAR-1174CSD-1405Planning rules: sometimes the loading formats takes a long timeSolved
OAR-1150System: deletion of history records not possiblePossible now
OAR-1131CSD-1414The player blinks even when the playlist is not changedSolved

Version 7.2.2 – December 14, 2021

Issue IDService Desk IDDescriptionRelease notes
HotfixApply this fix ASAP. It will apply a patch for a recently
discovered security vulnerability.
This fix can only be applied to version 7. Contact us if you are working with version 6.

Version 7.2.1 – December 1, 2021

Issue IDService Desk IDDescriptionRelease notes
Hotfix In some cases the planner could skip planning rules or show incorrect playlists.Solved

Version 7.2.0 – November 23, 2021

Issue IDService Desk IDDescriptionRelease notes
OAR-1029It should not be possible to delete the last editions or commercial blockImpossible now
OAR-1040Multi player: Add station name to config screenStation name added
OAR-1050When playing chained items, no waveform is visible in the playerWaveform visible now
OAR-1076CSD-1263In some specific cases, the edition player always use the same fillersSolved
OAR-1104CSD-1307If an commercial block is empty, the edition player should not send IP Start and STOP messagesNo messages will be send
OAR-1096CSD-1278Sometimes difference in behaviour between the player and mix-editor when moving the voice-track in a special waySolved
OAR-1111Planner: Add a progress indication to ‘Tools’ > ‘Detect commercial lengths’Progress indicator added
OAR-1103CSD-1305Hooks settings are lost when a hook is dragged from the player to a cartSolved
OAR-1107Make settings of ‘Auto reload’ in config more clearChanged label, changed help text.
OAR-1116CSD-1318Editions without commercials at all are sometimes not correctly filledSolved
OAR-1098Planning rules > Priorities: Rename ‘Period’ to ‘ Yearpart’.Renamed
OAR-1099Custom grids are not showing up in the list of priorities anymoreSolved
OAR-1121Make the network for communication between the player and the editions configurableIt is now possible to chose between networks
OAR-1122Impossible to change the order of artists in the editor, changes are not saved.Solved

Version 7.1.1 – October 21, 2021

Issue IDService Desk IDDescriptionRelease notes
OAR-1052Sometimes no waveform visible in playersSolved
OAR-1027Novation Launchpad MK3 should be supportedLaunchpad MK3 is now supported
OAR-1067Editor: adding a artist to an item adds it 2 times in the artist listSolved
OAR-1068CSD-1249No ‘playing now’ information when ‘linked items’ are playingSolved
OAR-1070Planner > Tools > Detect commercial length: Add auto-refreshAuto-refresh added
OAR-1073Saving of Jingle machines not possible (anymore)Solved
OAR-1069CSD-1250Planner cannot plan again if one or more hours of that day have been planned before.Solved
OAR-1074CSD-1253Report ‘Quick day overview’ shows double lines for items that contains 2 or more artistsSolved

Version 7.1.0 – October 13, 2021

Internal IDSevicedesk IDDescriptionComments
OAR-970Volume: Editor in percent but in Tagged edit items in Db, make all volumes in percentAll in percent now
OAR-960Rename command ‘Start commercial player’ to ‘Start commercial’Command name changed
OAR-1053CSD-1223Player: Avoid that items can be dragged before a playing itemResolved
OAR-977CSD-1219Player > Playlist: Remove the ‘Fade out’ button and move the ‘Stop’ button.Implemented
OAR-978Planning rules > Commercial blocks: Change name of ‘Start commercial block’ to ‘Commercial block’Changed
OAR-422CSD-619Planner: make it possible to minimize the monitor and statistics section. Also: remember the last settings.Implemented
OAR-969Move all information about the audio file to the right of the editorMoved information
OAR-985Make the line in the player with the commercials blueBlue now
OAR-260Make it possible to switch the ‘Master’ with a button in the player. Also: Remove the necessary restart.Button added, no restart necessary anymore
OAR-951Make it possible to start multiple players on 1 machinePossible now with the ‘multi-player’ function
OAR-813Make it possible to send TCP / IP commandsPossible now
OAR-938CSD-1161Make it possible to push the ‘now playing’ JSON file with a http(s) postPossible now (DJ console > Config > Now Playing)
OAR-920CSD-1132Make it possible to move multiple files to another location with the ‘tagged file editor’.Possible now
OAR-25Make it possible for OnAir Radio to recover automatically after an unexpected PC shut-down.Auto-recover added
OAR-751In the playing now, ‘COMMERCIALS’ and ‘NEWS’ are now hard-coded. This should be made configurableConfigurable now at Config in the player
OAR-1032In some cases the player stutters when inserting an item without a pre-generated waveformGeneration of waveforms is made more efficient
OAR-783CSD-952Impossible to remove artists with the same namePossible now
OAR-932CSD-1194Implement a http post connection with Tritonhttp post for Triton implemented
OAR-1061Fillers: ‘Select’ button is next to ‘labels’ but should be next to ‘Fillers’.Button is moved
OAR-1047Filler checkbox not correctly ‘unchecked’.Resolved
OAR-1009Edition player should listen to only 1 masterSolved
OAR-987Deleted clock is only removed from the tree view after a restart of the back-officeSolved
OAR-1023Change the labels of the ‘Actions’ in external communication with mixers to ‘Send’ and ‘Receive’Labels changed
OAR-1041Change command title ‘Import commercials’ to “Commercials”Changed now
OAR-1054CSD-1227Cart stops playing after a few itemsSolved
OAR-1044Artists with the same name are impossible to removePossible now
OAR-939Add a video streamer to the radio playerVideo streamer added
OAR-981Add a setting for the category of commercials in case of no editionsSetting added
OAR-828CSD-1000Add a ‘threshold’ to floating breaks which will remove items that are too much past the floating break.Threshold added to floating breaks
OAR-482Add a ‘normalize’ function to the applicationNormalizing function added to all parts of OnAir Radio
OAR-1055Retrieve chained items does not workWorks now

Version 7.0.0 – June 22,  2021

Issue IDServicedesk IDDescriptionComment
OAR-572Add migration tool for MySQL to PostgreSQLMigration tool added
OAR-696Remove grid number limitation of maximum 11 gridsUnlimited amount of grids possible now
OAR-809System: Put the section tabs in alphabetical orderOrdered now
OAR-805Watch folders: Automated Rules: Show the full category pathShown now
OAR-804Rename ‘Directories’ to ‘Folders’ in SystemRenamed
OAR-785list of daypart and yearparts should be sorted alphabeticallyOrdered now
OAR-870If you ‘move’ a file, the ‘art’ disappearsSolved
OAR-806System: create a separate section for ‘Watch folders’Section created
OAR-868Filter on Moods does not workSolved
OAR-916Change ‘Preroll’ to ‘IN’Done
OAR-873Planner: Sometime some items are used more often than other items‘Randomness’ is much better now
OAR-917Player PFL: Nextpoint should jump to IN position when ‘Align to IN’ is pressedImplemented
OAR-915In the library fade-nextpoint are linked, but in the player they are notSolved
OAR-93Replace the current MySQL database for the latest PostgreSQL dataabseDone, migration tool added
OAR-848Backoffice – Library – All items – Filter “opener = true/false” not workingSolved
OAR-912Updating the duration of an item in the monitor is not correctly reflected in the plannerSolved
OAR-920Make it possible to move multiple files to another location with the ‘tagged file editor’.Possible now
OAR-815When dragging an item to a ‘chain’ it will placed on top of the list instead of in the chainSolved

Version 6.1.0 – March 31,  2021

Issue IDService desk IDDescriptionComment
OAR-784CSD-947Add the ‘Media ID’ in the logs of the edition playersMedia ID is added
OAR-872Error in license check: Depending on configuration it migth show AND enforce an end-of-license at April 30 2021. Upgrade as soon as possible to version 6.1.0Solved in version 6.1.0.
OAR-811Remember the size and position of the commercial playerRemembered now
OAR-746Categories: Hide deselected categories instead of hiding the attached itemsSolved

Version 6.0.6 – January 26,  2021

Issue IDServicedesk IDDescriptionRelease notes
OAR-745System > Security > Change in access to categories sometimes does not work wellSolved
OAR-742Carmen importer: Make it possible to map Tempo to Mood.Possible now
OAR-749CSD-940Setting of ‘Link Nextpoint & Fade Out’ is sometimes not savedSolved
OAR-750CSD-938Formats: changes in mood are sometimes not savedSolved
OAR-782CSD-954Sometimes it is impossible to insert or edit a planning rule in a clockSolved
OAR-789CSD-935Sometimes the Playing Now are not updated correctlySolved
OAR-810Commercial player: Buttons ‘Ok’ and ‘Cancel’ not visible when settings screen is too smallAlways visible now
OAR-814Wrong duration if an category with multiple levels of sub categories is put in a clockSolved
OAR-744In the Carmen db the column ‘uren’ should be mapped to ‘separation’.Solved
OAR-743Carmen import: Artists, Titles and file names with non standard chars are imported but cannot be playedSolved
OAR-757It should be possible to leave the ‘category’ empty at the import.Implemented
OAR-1146CSD-1362Planner: copy and paste part of playlist: sometimes the sequence of the items will be changed up after pasteSolved
OAR-1171CSD-1410Planning rules: ‘max step’ reverts back to 5 after a restartSolved
OAR-1172Planning rules: ‘max step’ should start at 1, not at 0Changed
OAR-1217CSD-1451Commercials appear double after deleting and regenerating part of the playlistSolved
OAR-1206CSD-1443Player: make it possible to edit the TCP port manuallyPossible now
OAR-976CSD-1182Show BPM of item in player (optional)Can be switched on in config
OAR-1117Cannot start RDS anymore, gives db connection errorSolved