OnAir TV

Efficient TV scheduling software

OnAir TV is our efficient TV scheduling software for channels that want to manage their TV scheduling process in an efficient way.

Automate scheduling

TV Scheduler

The powerful TV scheduler of OnAir TV takes care of generating the playlists. The TV scheduler will make a playlist based on a set of rules and templates, schedules series automatically, takes care of premieres and reruns and fill gaps automatically.

Easy manage all your assets

Media Asset Management

A sophisticated Media Asset Management (MAM) is part of OnAir TV. It holds all your media assets like movies, documentaries, series, clips or promo’s. All assets can be searched, filtered and sorted easily. Tools for importing and batch editing are available in order to manage your assets efficiently.

Build in EPG

Integrated EPG generator

As an integrated TV scheduling software solution, EPG generation is bult in: EPG’s are generated based upon the playlist and can be exported to your EPG provider. OnAir TV supports many different EPG scheme’s.

Many integrations

Export to TV play-out systems

Export the generated TV playlist to the play-out system of your choice. OnAir TV supports many industry-leading play-out systems.

Media Asset Management (MAM)

Assets storage

The library is the central storage for all your media assets like clips, movies, documentaries, series and  promo’s,  All assets can be searched, filtered and sorted easily. Tools for importing and batch editing are available in order to manage your assets efficiently.

The library of our Efficient TV scheduling software, OnAir TV


All items can be previewed and edited in the editor, all frame accurate. The editor is also the place where you assign metadata to your items, where you can soft-part your items and where you can attach other elements to items like promo’s or commercials.


Use the 'General' section to add common properties and to preview and edit the video.
Use the 'Breaks and 'Events' for soft-parting and inserting assets like commercial breaks or promo's.


Use the 'Properties' section to store general information about labels, composers and publishers.


The 'Scheduling' part is used for properties that control the automated scheduling of items.

Airing, Reruns, Series
Airing, Reruns & Series

Manage or review the Airing, Series or Rerun details of an item in this section.


Add and edit EPG data for multiple EPG providers in the EPG section.

Legal details
Legal details

Edit and view the necessary legal data of an item in the legal section.


If you are in need of a custom set of metadata, this is the place to edit and control such datasets.


Add and edit images for your items in the Art section.


Easy attach items like documents or other files to an item.


View all relevant statistical data of an item in the 'Statistics' section.

Airing, Reruns, Series
Legal details
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The Planning Rules

The Planning Rules is the part of the software that holds all the rules that are used to generate playlists. This part takes the hard work out of the scheduling process with its built-in intelligence. The Planner makes OnAir TV a very powerful tool for TV channels who would like to plan and schedule in an efficient way.

The Long Tem Planning

The long Term Planning is not only the replacement for Excel Sheets, PDF’s and Word documents, it will also serve as a template for the automatic scheduling proces.

The long term planning is the highest level of the Planning Rules and it consist of 3 layers: Blocks, Reruns and Airings. Each of these layers serve different ways of scheduling. With these layers you can automate the entire scheduling proces.


Blocks are reusable containers that holds Scheduling Rules like: Start with a commercial break, then schedule a promo and then schedule the latest world news and end with a commercial break.

You can create a block once and then reuse it multiple times, like every Monday between 10 and 11.


Reruns are placeholders for items that have an Premiere and then needs to be repeated multiple times.

An example of a Rerun is: Schedule the Saturday night documentary every Saturday at 9 and repeat it Monday at 4, Wednesday at 8 and Friday at 7.


Airings are items that need to be planned one or multiple times at a fixed times like: Schedule the concert ate Sunday at 2 and schedule it again Wednesday at 8


Blocks can be populated with a variety of Commands. Commands are lines in your set of planning rules that will automate certain actions. OnAir TV contains a big set of commands. Here are a few examples:

Schedule a series

To automatically schedule series.

Import commercials

To pull commercials form external sources, like a third party commercial planner or from an external agency.

Fixed break

To force blocks to have a specified length and to fill any gaps with fillers.

Custom commands

Custom commands: To insert playout specific code in the playlist which can trigger the playout software to perform certain functions like showing a logo or switching to a live input.

Insert newest item from a category

To schedule the newest item from a category, for example a news category.

Continue after break

To interrupt an playing item at a certain time and continue with the item after the interruption.

The scheduler

The Scheduler creates the playlists based on your Long Term Planning.

Once the playlist is created it can be changed manually if needed.

The result is a playlist which can be exported to your play-out system of choice. The playlist can also be exported to a variety of EPG formats.

Connect OnAir TV to the play-out system of your choice

OnAir TV has integrations with playout systems like Cinegy, Playbox, Broadstream, GrassValley, Tools On Air, TV Player, Rohde & Schwarz and BCNEXXT. Besides these exporters OnAir TV is also able to control play-out software with either the VDCP or MOS protocol.






Grass Valley

TV Player

Rohde & Schwarz

Tools On Air

Tools On Air



Automatically generate your EPG’s

When the playlists are generated, the EPG’s are automatically created in the desired formats of your provider. Besides provider specific exports, the playlist can also be exported in JSON or XML for general use.


OnAir TV offers you a complete and easy to use RESTful JSON-based Webservices API. The API will make it easy to communicate with the OnAir TV and to retrieve all kind of information which can be used on your website or mobile app. Our Webservice API will also enable an easy, standardized way to develop integrations between OnAir TV and third party products or IT systems. It is even possible to develop new functionalities for OnAir TV.

Succes stories

Some examples of the successful use of Caliope software.


Location: Norwalk, USA

Headquartered in Norwalk, California, TVB USA is a wholly owned U.S. subsidiary of the largest distributor of Chinese-language television programs in the world, Hong Kong based, TVB Group.

TVB (USA) Inc provides Chinese TV services to US viewers through cable systems, satellite platform and telco TV platforms. Channels for area services include TVB LA and TVB SF. Channels for nationwide services include TVB HD, TVB1, TVB2, TVBe, TVBS, TVB8, TVB Pearl, TVB Drama and TVBV (TVB Vietnam).TVB (USA) Inc aims to bring Hong Kong, China, and Taiwan closer to Chinese American households, as well as providing an effective advertising and marketing tool for Chinese and mainstream advertisers alike through our vast coverage. TVB-produced programs are the most recognized by Chinese-speaking viewers in Asia and around the world.

TVB USA uses OnAir TV to schedule their USA channels. OnAir Spots is used to schedule the commercials for all their USA channels.


Location: Steenwijk, The Netherlands

About Basmedia

Basmedia is a company from The Netherlands, operating multiple TV channels for their customers. Many of these customers rely on OnAir TV for their scheduling.

Basmedia offers centralized and decentralized playout. The fully redundant and automated playout center complements Basmedia’s production, supply and distribution services, and offers a ‘One Stop Shop’ for international as well as small local broadcasters that require high quality end-to-end media delivery solutions.

Playout services can include:
• Fully automated media origination, management and operation 24/7
• Fully digital technical infrastructure with advanced 24/7 monitoring and quality measurements
• Media Asset Management (MAM) to manage overall operations and reports of the center
• Automated and manual QC
• Digitalizing tape/based media archives to file-based
• Subtitling
• On-air graphic creation and insertion
• Channel time delay
• Storage
• The integration of live and commercial feeds into playlists
• Digital Archive
• Disaster recover

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If you would like to find out if OnAir TV could be of value for your organization, we propose the following steps:

1. Let’s make acquaintance

If you are interested in our MAM, Scheduling and EPG software for TV, we would like to make acquaintance with you: What kind of channel or channels do you operate, how does the daily schedule look and what are the current challenges you would like to address?

2. Organise an on-line demo

After we have received the information we can organize an on-line demo. In this demo we will show you how to operate our MAM, Sscheduling and EPG software for TV. We will show you how the Library and Editor works and will show you how to generate playlists. For the online demo we can use tools like Skype, Meets, Zoom or Teams.

3. Setting up a Proof of Concept (PoC)

If you think that based on the on-line demo OnAir TV could be of value for your company, we can prepare a Proof of Concept (PoC). In this PoC we will prepare our software for real use for your channel. Together with you we will make a Long Term Planning with appropriate blocks and reruns and populate the library with an category structure. The software will be installed on your computers and you can test OnAir TV for 14 days.

4. Do business

If you have tested the software and you are satisfied with it we can do business. The contract will be signed and the trial version will be turned into a production version.

5. Configuration and training

Optionally we can provide you with training and assist you with the configuration and implementation.

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