Advanced and reliable radio automation software

OnAir Radio is our advanced and reliable radio automation software. OnAir Radio contains everything you need to run a radio station: a player, multiple carts, a jingle machine, a library and an integrated music scheduler.

OnAir Radio can operate multiple stations and every station can have multiple editions for different content in different regions like commercials, promo’s or news.

OnAir Radio is a well-designed, user-friendly solution for professional radio stations.

OnAir Radio
OnAir Radio playing player

OnAir Radio’s features

All the features you need for your radio automation software


A fully integrated solution

The software contains everything you need to automate your radio station: A player, multiple carts, a jingle machine, a library and a music scheduler. OnAir Radio is an advanced all-in-one, reliable and user-friendly radio automation system.


A well designed user Interface

OnAir Radio has an user friendly interface and is easy to understand. There are no unnecessary buttons nor an abundant use of colors, resulting in clean and easy to understand radio automation software.

Multiple stations

Optimized for multiple stations

OnAir Radio is optimized for operating multiple radio stations or channels. Every radio station or channel can be controlled from the same console and all your assets are stored in one single library. The central planner makes the playlists for all your radio stations or music channels.


Specialised in localized editions

If you are broadcasting to different regions and want to broadcast different commercials (or other localized content like news, traffic, jingles, promos etc.) you can use our advanced edition system.

The DJ Console

The part of the radio automation software that the DJ uses

The DJ console contains all the tools the DJ needs for a radio broadcast: the player, multiple carts, a jingle player and the search screen.

Menu Bar of OnAir Radio, our radio Automation Software

The Player

The Player can serve live assist and non-stop broadcasting. Just press the button Autoplay to switch between live-assist and non-stop modus.

The player loads the playlist that has been generated by the music scheduler.

You can easily change the playlist even if the player is playing. Just add items, remove items or move them freely around in the playlist.

Voicetracks can be easily inserted and edited with the mix-editor.

Player playing

The mix-editor

The versatile tool to prepare radio broadcasts or to use in live-assist

With the built in mix-editor DJ’s can pre-listen and adapt segues between items. Although all mixes are already automatically set by the cue points, DJ’s can adapt any mix even if the item is playing.

It is easy to insert a new items between existing items. Just drag an drop the new item at the desired position, set the cue-points, normalize the item or adjust its general volume and all changes will be reflected in the player immediately. There is no limit an the amount of tracks that can be used.

Voice-tracking in the mix editor

Our mix-editor can also be used for voice tracking. You can listen to the outro of the first item and while it is playing you can start recording your voice-track. While recording, you can start the next song. When the recording is done, ducking will be set automatically if desired. You can adjust all cue points easily and you can even edit the recording itself.

You want to insert a background for your voice-track? No problem, just press the ‘Insert’ button and drag the item you need into the mix-editor. set the cue-points, normalize the item or adjust its general volume and all changes will be reflected in the player immediately.

OnAir WebX

Voice tracking in a browser

Not present at the studio? No problem, just use our web based mix editor, the OnAir WebX.

The cart players

Versatile stand-alone auxiliary players

Cart players are stand-alone auxiliary players for use in live-assist broadcasts. You can drag and drop one or multiple items from the search screen into the cart. It is also possible to define a list of items in the library and then add this list into the cart, for example your personal top 5.

All items can be played individually but it is also possible to play the items in non-stop modus with the Auto Play function. It is possible to record voice tracks in the carts by using the mix editor.

You can open as many cart players as you have audio outputs available. Cart players can be connected to all kind of consoles, both analog or digital, allowing you to control the cart players with the fader starts.

The jingle player

The perfect tool to quickly start items in live-assist

OnAir Radio, as a complete radio automation system, is equipped with a flexible jingle player. This jingle player is the perfect tool to start items quickly during live-assist radio broadcast. You can place items in the jingle player by drag & drop from the search screen or the library. Every jingle player can contain 64 items and every button on the player can have its own custom colour. All jingle players can be saved with a distinctive name so all DJ’s can prepare their own jingle player.

Novation Launchpad

Connect the Novation Launchpad to the jingle player

You can connect the Jingle Player to the Novation Launchpad for even quicker access of items. If the jingle player is connected to the Novation launchpad the colors of the buttons on the software will be the same as on the Novation Launchpad.


Connect OnAir Radio to your console

A modern radio automation system should be able to connect to modern consoles: you can connect OnAir Radio to both analogue and digital consoles. Popular consoles that can be used with OnAir Radio are the Axia models from the Telos Alliance and the digital radio consoles of Wheatstone.

With these consoles not only the music is transported over TCP/IP, but all the I/O traffic for your Fader starts as well. This means that you only need a network cable to control OnAir Radio with your console.

Radio studio

OnAir Radio attached to Wheatstone equipment in the studio of RTV NOF.

OnAir Radio can also be used with USB consoles Like the D&R Airence.

The new TOPradio studio, equipped with Axia and OnAir Radio


Integrated RDS in OnAir Radio

RDS is integrated in OnAir Radio and shows both static and dynamic messages. Of course, also the ‘now playing’ can be shown.

Like all OnAir Radio modules, the RDS module can be used for multiple stations and multiple regions.


Record your shows an re-broadcast them automatically

The Recorder is a stand-alone application that contains a set of recorders. You can record audio from different sources and make recordings immediately available for (re-)broadcasting or archiving. By connecting OnAir Recorder to an output on your mixing console everything that comes from that output can be recorded manually or automatically.
The recorder also has functions to record and repeat broadcasts completely automatic. It is possible that the news and commercials will not be recorded and hence will not be repeated.

The OnAir Back-office

Manage your items and your playlists

OnAir Radio is an integrated radio automation system and therefore it not only contains all the DJ gear you need, it also contains a back-office to manage your items and playlists.

The back-office can run on the same computer als the DJ console, but ideally it will be installed on a different computer in the network. You can install and operate as many instances of the back-office as you need.

The back office module contains the Library, the Planner, the Planning Rules, Reports and System

The Library

to manage all your assets

The library of OnAir Radio is the central storage place for all your assets. It not only contains all playable items but it also contains non-playable items like commands and charts.

The editor

You can easily add items to the library with drag & drop from the Windows Explorer. You can even select multiple items and drop them into a category in the library. MP3 tags are automatically read and a visual wave forms will be created automatically which helps cueing the item. Cueing can be done automatically if you wish. For every item a rich set of metadata is available.

Importing items

Import multiple items is easy with our Importing Tool. Just point to a folder in Windows explorer and after a few mouseclicks the whole content will be imported!

The planner

The tool to generate your playlists

A good music scheduler is probably one of the most important functions of a good radio automation system. This is why we have equipped OnAir Radio with one of the most advanced music schedulers in the industry.

Advantages of an integrated music scheduler in radio automation software

One of the big advantages of having an integrated music scheduler in a radio automation software system is that the library, the planner and the player all work together. No confusion about which system holds what kind of information: All is clear with an integrated radio automation system like OnAir Radio. Another advantage is that not only the music, promo’s and commercials can be scheduled, but non-playable items like commands and events as well. Integrating our powerful music scheduler will not only make your operation much more efficient but it will save you the troubles and costs of integrating two separate systems.

Insert and record voice-tracks

You can also use the integrated music planner to prepare your broadcast by recording voice-tracks. After you have recorded a voice-track in the planner, this voice-track is inserted in the player fully automatic. This means that it is very easy to prepare your shows minutes, hours or even days ahead.

Integrate with OnAir WebX

A unique feature is that the planner connects with OnAir WebX. With OnAir Web-X you can record your voice-tracks in a browser. All recorded items are ingested in the planner and in the player fully automatic. This feature makes OnAir Radio an easy radio automation software to work remotely with!

The planning rules

Manage your clocks, templates, rotations and many more settings to generate the perfect playlists

The Planning Rules module is the tool to make the templates for your playlists. The planning rules provides you with a non-predictable playlist with a good flow of music from which your audience does not grow tired from. The many features and the user-friendly layout makes this music scheduler one of the most powerful and versatile music scheduling tools for radio stations.


The Clocks are the basic building blocks of your schedule. Clocks will define a hour of music and can be used and reused for every part of the day. Add categories, rules or commands to a clock and build as many clocks as you need.


Use Day templates to define the structure for different days. You can make as many day templates as you like. In this way you can have a different day template for every single day of the week, but you can also define day templates for special occasions like Christmas or New year.


Formats are a set of rules that can be applied to a single clock or to a set of clocks. Use formats to further define the ‘Feeling’ of your playlists.


At Sequence you can define how items are followed up by each other. You want an male voice to be followed by a duet or female Voice? No problem! You want 3 Classic Rock items in a row? Easy! You want a English item separated by at least 2 other items? It can be done!


With Rotations you can divide the day in “Dayparts” and define how items should rotate during your these dayparts. An example:  You can indicate how long it should take before an item that is scheduled in the morning can reappear in another morning. These kind of Rotation Rules ensures you will get playlists that have a nice rotation of items.


All the broadcast reports you need

A good radio automation software should provide you with enough information and reports to gather and present the information you need.

OnAir radio is therefore equipped with a set of reports that can be adjusted to your specific needs.

Multiple stations or channels

Managing multiple stations from one radio automation system

OnAir Radio is optimized for operating multiple stations or channels. With our multi-station setup, managing your multi-station operation will be efficient and user friendly. This feature makes OnAir Radio a radio automation software which makes your life a lot easier if you have to manage multiple radio stations.

Multi-player: Run multiple players on one computer

If you have multiple streaming channels, you might want to run multiple players on one computer. In that case you can use our multi-player system. Using the multi-player you can run as many instances of the player on a single computer as you want. With this multi-player system, you can not only manage all your channels with one library and planner, but you also do not need more than 1 computer to run them.

Multiple players on 1 pc

Regionalized content

Broadcast different content to different regions

If you are broadcasting to different regions and want to broadcast different commercials (or other localized content like news, traffic, jingles, promos etc.) you can use our Edition system.

Automatic filling

If regional blocks differ in lengths, OnAir Radio will handle the filling of the shorter blocks. This is done completely automatic. A sophisticated algorithm is used for the filling: Normal items, commercials, station ID’s, jingles, promo’s or even white spaces are being used at various positions to ensure a smooth listening experience. The filling of the Commercial Players will be done in near real-time. It is possible to change items seconds before airing. In this way it is always possible to broadcast the latest local news or change commercials at the very last moment.

Perfectly scalable

The system is a perfectly scalable. It doesn’t matter whether you are broadcasting in 2, 9 or 40 different regions, our edition players can handle it with ease. This makes OnAir Radio the radio automation software if you are running many editions.

Multiple regions in live-assist

The DJ can start the Commercial Players from the player just like a normal item. In a live-assist situation, starting the edition players is not different from starting just any normal item in your playlist. A clear progress bar shows the DJ how long the commercial block will run.

High availabity

A radio automation system that always runs

A professional radio automation system like OnAir Radio takes care for high availability. Therefore the player of OnAir Radio will always keep a local copy of the playlist in its memory for the next 12 hours. In case of a server failure or network outage, the player can continue to play up to 12 hours. As soon as the connection is restored, all statistical data will be written to the database. As a user you will not even notice that there ever has been a drop in connection.

The playlist will be kept in memory but of course you also need the media files which might be stored on another server or NAS. To ensure uninterrupted play-out, all media files can be cached on the play-out machine for up to 24 hours.

To ensure that you are notified about connection issues, the player can automatically send a mail to one or more mail addresses, so the issues can be solved quickly.

To ensure a secure system the database can be backed-up fully automatically to any device. Restoring the database can be done in seconds.


An integrated API to connect your radio automation software to other software

Our Radio Automation System offers you a complete and easy to use RESTful JSON-based Webservices API. The API will make it easy to communicate with the OnAir Radio automation system and to retrieve all kind of information which can be used on your website or mobile app. Our Webservice API will also enable an easy, standardized way to develop integrations between OnAir Radio and third party products or IT systems.

OnAir Radio’s Clients

Clients who put their trust in the radio automation software from Caliope

Radio automation software is at the heart of your business. DJ’s and music schedulers work with it on a daily basis and expect to do so without any issues. Your listeners expect an uninterrupted radio broadcast. It makes us proud that some of the biggest and technical most challenging radio stations have put their trust in OnAir Radio. Find a few examples of our clients below:

10 radio stations, 35 editions

Radio NL

Radio NL is the biggest radio station in the Netherlands playing local music. Radio NL uses our edition system to broadcast different commercials to 35 different regions.
Radio NL is part of Radio Network Nederland. Besides Radio NL Radio Network Nederland manages 9 other radio stations with OnAir Radio.

18 radio stations across India

Tadka FM

FM Tadka, a division of the Rajasthan Patrika group, a leading Hindi publisher from Jaipur, India, uses OnAir Radio as their radio automation software of choice for their 18 radio stations across India.

5 radio stations, 11 editions

TOP Radio

Topradio, a radio station from Ghent, Belgium, manages 6 radio stations with OnAir Radio and OnAir Spots.
The biggest station of the 6, TOPradio, a nationwide dance station, uses our edition system to broadcast different commercials to 11 different regions.

5 radio stations


VBRO from Bruges, Belgium, manages 5 radio stations with OnAir Radio, Caliope’s radio automation software.

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