OnAir In-Store

Turn-key in-store music software solution.

OnAir In-Store is our fully integrated in-store music software solution for companies that want to provide in-store music services.
With this turn-key in-store music software you can run and manage your in-store music operation in an efficient way.

OnAir Store
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2 solutions: streaming music or locally playing music

If you want to play In-Store music in stores, restaurants, gyms etcetera we can provide you with 2 solutions:

  1. Streaming music
  2. Locally playing music

1. Streaming music

Providing streaming music is the easiest way to setup background music system. If the Internet connections to the locations are fast and stable enough to transport the music then all all you need is our back-office combined with our multi-player and an (external) streaming platform. The streams can be managed and will be played with our OnAir In-Store streaming player.

background music software: Multiple players on 1 pc

OnAir In-Store streaming players

2. Locally playing music

In cases where the Internet connections are not fast or not stable enough or in cases that the Internet connection is reserved for other things like POS systems or alarm systems, you might want to upload the music to a local player. In such a case you can use our local OnAir In-Store player setup.

OnAir In-Store local player

Elements of the software

The OnAir In-Store software Suite consists of 3 pieces of software:

To manage the music

The Back-Office

The Back-office holds all the music and categories and generates playlist for the different clients like stores, fitness centers, restaurants etc.

To manage the players

The Dashboard

The Dashboard allows you to manage and control your clients and the players. Check if they are still online, check if their license are still valid and push new software to the Players.

To play the music

The Player

The Player is a piece of software that plays the music. The player software needs to be installed on a PC at the premises of your clients.

The Back-Office

The Back-office software is the place where you store all the music and where you create and manage the playlists for the players.

The back-office has different modules:

  • A library to store all your music and categories.
  • A Planner to schedule your playlist. Planning can be done manual or completely automatic.
  • A Planning Rules module to design all the rules that will be used by the Planner to make perfect playlists for all your clients.

The Library

The Library of OnAir Radio is the central storage place for all your assets. All items can be edited here.

The Planning Rules

The Planning Rules module is the tool to make the rules and templates for all your playlists or clients. The many automated features and the user-friendly layout makes this it easy to make rules and templates for different clients.

Day template

The Planner

Easy schedule playlist for all clients, regardless if they have 1 client or hundreds. Playlist can be made manually for a maximum of 100 days ahead, but is is also possible to have the playlists scheduled automatically.

Automatic synchronisation

The playlists are automatically synchronized with the players. This is a fully automatic process, no manual interaction is required. Changes in a playlist are automatically pushed to the player in a few minutes.

OnAir Store - Scheduler

The Dashboard

The Dashboard is the web-based tool for managing the players.

The Dashboard provides the following functions:

  • Keeps track if players are online or offline
  • Activate players remotely
  • Block players remotely, so they cannot be used by the clients anymore
  • Update players with the latest software

The Player

The player is the piece of software that will be installed on a computer of your clients. This software plays the music.

The player can be installed on any computer that runs Windows 10 or Linux. You can choose to install the player on an existing computer of your client or you can chose to install the player software on a dedicated (mini) computer like an Intel NUC or something similar.

min pc Intel NUC

Local storage of music

The music is stored locally so you can guarantee an uninterrupted music experience. All music will be downloaded automatically by the OnAir Store player. Since the download process is ‘on demand’ items will always be available on the player, even if the playlist has last-minute changes or new items are added to music categories No manual interaction is required for the download process.


The player can be operated in either Automatic or Manual mode.

Automatic mode

In Automatic mode the player cannot be managed locally: The personel in the store is not able to control the player manually. As soon as the player is started, it will start to play the pre-defined playlist and no further manual interaction is needed nor allowed.

Manual mode

In manual mode the personnel at the shop can either choose from a set of predefined channels or make their own playlist by choosing music form categories. The player can be Paused, Stopped and items can be skipped.


If the player is in Manual mode, the user can adjust some settings.

The hardware

The client software runs on Windows 10 or Linux. You can install the player on any computer. This can be a mini computer like an Intel NUC or something similar but it is also possible to use an existing PC.

min pc Intel NUC

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Interested in knowing more?

If you would like to find out if OnAir In-Store could be of value for your organization, we propose the following steps:

1. Let’s make acquaintance

If you are interested in our in-store software, we would like to make acquaintance with you: What is the nature of your business and what are the current challenges you would like to address?

2. Organise an on-line demo

After we have received the information we can provide you with an on-line demo. In this demo we will show you how to operate our in-store software. For the online demo we can use tools like Skype, Meets, Zoom or Teams.

3. Test the software

After the demo we can provide you with a temporary license so you can test our in-store software.

4. Obtaining OnAir Store

If the software has been tested and you are satisfied with it, we are ready to do business. The contract will be signed and the trial version will be turned into a production version.

5. Configuration and training

Optionally we can provide you with training and assist you with the configuration and implementation.

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