Natyf TV orders OnAir TV

We are proud to announce that Natyf TV from Montreal, Canada, has recently ordered OnAir TV, our cutting-edge MAM (Media Asset Management), Scheduling, and EGP (Electronic Program Guide) system.

Natyf TV recognized the need for a software solution that could streamline their operations, enhance flexibility, and save valuable time. After an extensive search and evaluation of various options in the market, they found their ideal solution in OnAir TV, provided by Caliope.

Jean-Yves Roux, the CEO of Natyf TV, expressed his enthusiasm: “We were looking for a piece of software that could make our operations more flexible and could save us time. We found this in OnAir TV from Caliope. The many options to automate our workflow are a real time-saver for us.”

OnAir TV, developed by Caliope, is a state-of-the-art system designed to optimize the management of media assets, streamline scheduling processes, and efficiently manage Electronic Program Guides. The comprehensive suite of features offered by OnAir TV is set to streamline Natyf TV’s operations and provide them with a competitive edge.

With OnAir TV, Natyf TV is well-equipped to meet the evolving demands of the industry and continue delivering top-quality content to its viewers.

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