Migrate OnAir TV to version 7

Version 7 will install a new database and your current database will be converted.

Follow these steps to convert your current version of OnAir TV to version 7.

Step 1, download the installer

Download the installer for version 7.

Step 2, run the installer

  • Run the installer for version 7 on the same computer that holds your current database.
  • Install the database by checking the database checkbox
  • Install the Migration Tool by checking the ‘Migration tool’ checkbox

Step 3, launch Migration Tool

Press ‘Next’ and wait untill the setup is complete. As soon as the new database is installed, the setup program will ask you if you want to launch the ‘OnAir TV Migration Tool’. Make sure the checkbox is check and press ‘Finish’.

Step 4, start migration

The Migration Tool will be loaded and the database migrator will show.

To start the migration process, press ‘Start’

NB. If you want to do the migration again and want to clear your new database, please press the button ‘Clear’. This can be handy if you first want to do a test migration and later the real migration.

Step 5, finish migration

After the database migration is finished you will see a notification screen. Press ‘OK’ to close the Migration Tool.

Your database is now migrated and you can start using version 7!

Step 6, log in onto OnAir TV

To see if the migration has succeeded, log in into the back-office of OnAir TV.

If all is Okay, continue with step 7.

Step 7, Install version 7 on client computers

Install OnAir TV on all the client computer. Be sure to uncheck the ‘OnAir Database’ checkbox and the ‘Migration Tool’ checkbox.