Custom-made media software


Custom-made media software

With our vast experience in developing audio and video applications we can be a valuable partner if you are looking for custom-made media software. We can add custom-made modules, help you with the integration of our software with other systems in your company or add custom functions to our existing radio automation software, our TV software or our background music software.

Besides that, our experienced software developers can also make custom-made media software for you.

The big advantage for you is that our developers know everything about audio and video. We have a huge library of media components that can be used for your projects, thus speeding up the whole development process and reducing bugs.

An example of custom-made media software application is the ‘all-in-one-player‘ that we have developed for DDJ Media. This player is used in more than 1000 bars, restaurants and gyms in The Netherlands.

DDJ Media

Based on our radio player we have developed a new player for DDJ, we have installed a back-office to manage the music and the playlists and we have developed a web-based management tool to control the players. This web-based management tool can update the players with new releases of our software, can switch players on or off remotely and gives an overview of all the players and their status.

See the new DDJ player here on Instagram and here on Facebook.

Another nice example is the narrow casting application that we have developed for Boomerang.


Boomerang manages about 500 screens in public places to show a mix of commercials, creative content and sponsored messages. To manage the correct placement of the various content on subsets of the screens, we have developed a web-based control center to schedules and upload the content fully automatic to the players. The control center is also equipped with elaborate report and dashboard functions.

To show the content on the screens we have developed a very lightweight Linux based player that runs on a Raspberry Pi.

Interested in custom-made media software?

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