Omroep Zeeland orders OnAir TV

We are happy to announce that Omroep Zeeland has chosen OnAir TV for their scheduling process. Omroep Zeeland will connect OnAir TV to their new playout system: VIPE from BCNEXXT. In order to import commercials from their ORN traffic system Caliope has added an extra import module for easy ingestion of the commercials. Omroep Zeeland is a regional public broadcaster in the southwest of the Netherlands.

British Muslim TV orders OnAir TV

We are please to announce that British Muslim TV has ordered OnAir TV to facilitate their broadcast. An important reason for British Muslim TV to chose for OnAir TV was that OnAir TV works well with their play-out system from ToolsOnAir. Also our fully automated integration with the MediaPro chain of importing commercials and the automated as-run reports for Kantar was an important reason to chose OnAir TV as their MAM and scheduling system.

Radio Star orders caliope software

After an upgrade of the studio it was now time for an upgrade of the software. After a extensive demo in the training center of TVV Sound, our distributor in Belgium, and a trial period, Radio Star was convinced that the Caliope software was exactly what they needed! The main reason that radio Star decided to chose for our software:omdat: The complete 2-ways integration with AoIP studio Axia IQ. A true all-in-one system: Playout player, planner, commercial planner, commercial player, jingle pad, voicetracks, remote html voicetracks. The very extensive and flexible built-in music-planner. The unmatched reliability and stability of the…

Spanish radio company ‘Emisoras Musicales’ orders OnAir Radio and OnAir Spots for 9 radio stations

We are happy that one of the biggest Spanish radio companies Emisoras Musicales has placed an order for OnAir Radio and OnAir Spots. After testing the software for about 6 months they were convinced that OnAir Radio and OnAir Spots are the best tools for managing their 9 radio stations. All of their 9 radio stations have localised commercials which are handled by Caliope’s edition players. Activa FM is the biggest station of the group with a total of 17 editions. All editions of all stations together will count up to 45 editions. The whole configuration is placed on just…

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